It starts with an intention.

One intention.

The intention that every morning you say to yourself, but then that intention gets trampled over.




What’s the drive to NOT have this happen today? What’s the motivation to NOT get unhinged today?

How about not wanting to worry about how you will feel tomorrow, or next week, or in 15 years? How about not wanting to wake up ever saying “Shit! I caved again! Ok, I promose myself today I’ll be stronger.”

How about the desire to feel good! To feel GOOD people!??! Without relying on shit? Without relying on the short term fix.

What if today, instead of saying “I’ll start tomorrow”, you simply start today? Right the fuck now. Then, instead of tomorrow having to set the same intention again, you can simply say “Let’s keep it going, it’s already day two!”

What’s in the way, it the way.

When your desire to fulfill your intention becomes stronger then the desire for the immediate satisfaction; The script WILL flip!

Those cravings diminish faster then you think. And I can guarantee you the fear of getting through it is a whole lot bigger then the act of actually going through it. And, as a bonus? You will grow through it too! Everything you want is on the other side of fear. 

Take the vice off the table.  I did. I went to take alcohol of the table after months and months of broken promises. Day one, two and three sucked. That was months and months ago. I rewrote my script, I took it off the table, and it’s still off. 

Let me know how it goes.


  • Jen Whitney

    CEO of Being Fierce

    Inspired and Inspire! Truth dweller of raw grit; exposed and naked on the page. Learning. Evolving. Emerging. What a ride! Co-parent to three. Director.  Poet. Writer. Space- Explorer. Transformed my life. Lost the mental weight, lost 60 pounds, created space, filled with self-love, now use the word impossible with caution. —— We are all worthy of self-respect and self-responsibility and we can prove it in our actions. Let's go get it!