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The healthcare industry is growing and developing at a rapid pace. Aging populations, coupled with new technologies, are driving the transformation. However, technology alone is not enough to meet the growing need for quality care. People have always been the deciding factor in the effective deployment of services. The World Economic Forum recently stated that over half of those working within the healthcare industry will need further training, and upskilling, in the immediate future, to cope with the flood of changes. 

Business training for health and wellness practitioners

No one is more acutely aware of the need for quality training than Kristin Thomas, owner, and founder of The Health and Wellness Business School. Kristin is both a practicing functional health coach and an internationally recognized business coach whose school aims to help fellow practitioners acquire the necessary business skills to thrive in a demanding industry. Thomas explains that many well-meaning professionals acquire their health coach certification without the necessary business training that should run in parallel. 

US Statistics suggest that over half of new businesses fail in year 1—over 95 % within the first five years—and health coaching start-ups are no exception. Given that the need for health and wellness professionals is so high, and certification is time-consuming and expensive, this is a huge waste of resources for everyone. 

Thomas laments, “Health coaching schools are pumping out thousands of graduates every single year, yet only a small fraction of them actually make it in the business. The reason why so many of them fail is that they think that having a health certification alone, with the credentials and learning that comes with that, is enough to build a business. However, this is far from enough.

Credentials are crucial for the future of the industry 

Kristin Thomas standing and smiling
Photo credit: Kristin Thomas, with permission

The aim of The Health and Wellness Business School is to issue graduates with a certificate that is a stamp of approval on their business acumen. Certification is crucial for health coaches who wish to portray a more professional image and set themselves apart, just like their health coaching certification does. The certificate is something tangible that graduates can hang in their office or home and it’s accompanied by a digital badge to use on client-facing material such as websites, social media, email signatures, and business cards.

Internationally recognized credentials are indispensable for employers, or potential clients, who are sifting through a number of candidates. They are instantly able to see that the practitioner has achieved a credible level of business training and certification. This instills a level of confidence in the practitioner’s credibility and business savvy and also their level of seriousness about staying in the business. Also, for other brand partners, who may wish to send referrals, they have an instant sense of confidence in the fact that someone has trained to a high level not only to understand the specifics of health coaching but also in how to run a sound business they can trust.

Commenting on the range of options open to graduates, Thomas says, “Graduates will receive a certificate upon completion of each program level. Currently, we have three levels, the first of which is for brand new practitioners looking to build their foundations, the second for those looking to grow, and the third for seasoned coaches looking to scale. So, not only will they be able to clearly indicate that they have gone through the training, but also they’ll be able to proudly display the fact that they are advancing business professionals as they rise in their success. Whether choosing a business partner or someone to treat you, all of these additional accolades can only help in making a decision.” 

Demand for training has doubled

Photo credit: Kristen Thomas, with permission

This year alone, due to increased demand from health coaches, Thomas says that the school has doubled its coaching staff. “We’ve doubled the number of support calls so that we can assist with every single element of business: copywriting, general business strategy, sales, and mindset. We have mentors on hand to offer support for everything.”

“Every single month we’re releasing new modules—innovative strategies that help health coaches stay on top of current trends, so they’re never operating from old data or strategies that simply don’t work anymore (because, especially online, things change so fast). Many programs out there, unfortunately, create content and then move on—never revisiting or updating it— and it quickly becomes outdated. We’re always at the cutting edge so we can continue to pass that knowledge on to our students.”

The world needs healers

Looking at the future of healthcare, Thomas says, “The world needs health coaches and holistic wellness providers more than ever. Between chronic disease rates and the current worldwide pandemic, people are searching for answers and need the guidance and leadership of someone who truly takes time to listen and care. That’s where wellness coaches and practitioners come in. It’s time to lead your audience, get your message out there, and spread a ripple effect of healing. No one person can do it alone, and here at the Health & Wellness Business School, we’re activating hundreds of health coaches this year alone to become a true authority and make a difference.”