Breaking the patterns

We should be focused to craft and lead a life that would make a history. Lead a life in acuity in alignment with optimism then try to minimize the distance of the life you are living now and the life you always wanted to live.

This is only possible when we can break the old patterns and choose to make the most important change besides chose the best strategic way to move forward marking every single day better than the yesterday.

If we adhere to stagnation of past also the fears of unknown, we would never be able to break the previous life patterns. When we are seduced to our comfort zones, we play safe and are not ready to face the unseen tomorrow. Feasibly here we must understand that on the other side of fears, we would explore reality also the actual growth pertaining to a meaningful life.

When someone renovates or remodels a house on the expansion of family or to weather proof the wear and tear during the changed weather it is more likely that he would face conflicts. He and his family would encounter the real facts, they’d be conflicted between preserving the memories of the old house, but they also know that the new house needs to be built in the place of the old one. The owner would see the old house being dismantled and remember the memories associated with it. But likewise, they should welcome the newer structure for their own benefit and safety. He knows the transformations that are in are for something better that would scrap the old house renovating the entire room or the entire house into a new and a better place to live in.

At this juncture, the owner would see that old walls or old structure of the house is getting dismantled thus all the old patterns of the life would also be dismantled and now the new model that would be far better than the older one is getting ready.

Thus, now the owner would certainly have to make some temporary arrangements for his daily chore and for his family, until the renovation of the house gets over.

This state is very tiring and full of complexity since the scheduled work may not get completed on time, affecting the enthusiasm to be in the new house that has been renovated. At that time the owner would say the old house was good, thus the mind is now persuading the reluctance to accept the change. This exemplary truly matches the real-life transitions when one phase of life is over and the other phase of life is yet to begin and our mind starts contradicting.

Life, too, requires the seasoning process like how the leaves shed in autumn and the new leaves cover the entire plant, embarking the time of change, so is life, always demanding something to change for progress.

This state is related when life throws us to adversities and demands a change, and we get stuck in our old patterns with which we are not happy.

Take away!

  1. · Remember every little step towards progress makes impact and can change the trailed life patterns that do not result growth.
  2. · Dreadful times require us to focus life in a changed style to take an incredible leap, be ready to break the old life patterns when you are looking forward to move on in life.
  3. · Start today to make a shift from stagnation to practical and optimistic ways.
  4. · Enhancing every single day an improved one makes you better in every connecting step consequently boosting you to perform better and get the things done the way you have conceptualized earlier. Thus, now you shift your excuses to results.
  5. · Remember all the discomfort is the price we pay to lead a different life, the life that we always dream of. The life we would love to be in, leading the path then striving hard towards success, like a real hero and passing the legacy on to the generation next.
  6. · We need to understand that all remarkable changes begin with commitment and the sheer desire to achieve that with the feeling that today is the day to start building legacy, to break the old patterns of weariness, the old patterns of excuses and cutting the threads of sluggishness.

 Today is the day to set some big goals and chase our dreams. By doing so we are engaging our self on righteous path, walking towards the fulfillment also exploring our identifications. But we are blocked by the fears of accepting the change. Here is the real challenge.  


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