Before embracing this positive affirmation, I have to admit, I struggled for years with negative self-talk. I criticized every decision and doubted every action. This left me hesitant and insecure. Negative self-talk, although it was only happening in my mind, outlined my personality in a murky way.

There was always that little voice in my head planning the failures and most scary scenarios well before I took any step towards…well anything!

One day I was there dreaming of having a blog. Journaling an online platform where I would create content that reflected my adventures, capturing memorable events though my camera lens and editing them in a way that embraced my personality. Full on happy vision right there. Guessed who knocked on the door again? My self-doubts. Without even noticing it, I was breaking down each dream by infusing criticism:
‘You don’t know anything about blogging how will you make that happen? When will you find the time? What if your content isn’t worthy? How will you deal with it when it fails?’
It made me feel sick..and I knew it wasn’t right because it didn’t feel right. When I was envisioning the process of building my blog I had butterflies in my stomach, my mind filled with ideas and happy thoughts. This is how it should feel. This is how we should feel everyday because we deserve to feel confident, serene and happy. We all do.
Till this day, I stick to my gut feeling. If it feels right, it is the way forward. I still hear the negative self-talk trying to prowl in. I acknowledge it as it keeps me grounded but I never let it take the lead.

In the end it is like a radio station. Will you keep listening to the music you don’t like or change the channel to the music that makes you want to dance?