For almost thirty-years I have taught a seminar on the Breakthrough Experience. In this program, I reveal how individuals can transcend any of their mind-distracting, life-burdening emotional judgments and turn them into life-inspiring and empower states of appreciation and love.

This is a methodical, scientific, reproducible process, helps individuals transcend their judgments and dramas and get on with living their most meaningful and inspiring lives. Let me explain further.

The moment you look up to somebody or become attracted to, or infatuated with them, you tend to be:

  • Conscious of their upsides, but unconscious of their downsides.
  • Conscious of their positives, but unconscious of their negatives.
  • Conscious of the things that support your highest values, but unconscious of the things that challenge your highest values.

In doing so, you are likely to split your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves. This means is you will not see what is actually there, rather you filter and distort through your subjective biases.

The opposite is also true – the moment you look down on somebody or become repelled by, or resentful of them, you tend to be:

  • Conscious of their downsides, but unconscious of their upsides.
  • Conscious of their negatives, but unconscious of their positives.
  • Conscious of the things that challenge your highest values, but unconscious of the things that support your highest values.

In doing so, you are likely to again divide your full consciousness into conscious and unconscious halves.

These distorting biases become stored in your subconscious mind, which results in further distorting your future perceptions. Whatever you infatuate with or become resentful to will occupy space and time in your mind and run you until you transcend these biased judgments and become liberated and freed. So, these biases will keep reverberating in the brain as electronic noise until those imbalances are brought back into balance.

Another example of this is meditation. This is why, when you meditate, you often initially have a significant amount of ‘noise’ in your brain that is vying for attention and distracting you. That ‘noise’ is your subconsciously stored imbalanced perceptions that are intuitively trying to find their other side to balance themselves out in order to liberate your mind and set it free.

Your subconscious biases can also manifest at night in dreams when these conscious and unconscious portions become “disk scanned” and cleaned out as fragments that have not been integrated so you can more fully rest with a balanced or integrated mind. This is what was called by the philosopher Immanuel Kant your indwelling or immanent mind in full force – something you have in common with animals as it’s part of your survival mode.

You tend to live in this immanent minded state when you live in alignment with your lowest values or when you are not fulfilling your highest values. It is then that we are likely to store things and judge things as a result of more bias.

Your transcendent superconscious mind, on the other hand, tends to only awaken or emerge when we have a perfectly balanced mind and obtain a state of integrated equanimity.

When you’re “transcendent mind” comes online you awaken full consciousness, which is sometimes called mindfulness, where you become conscious of the upsides and downsides synchronously and act wisely, more than react.

Why? Because when you look up to somebody you infatuate with, you tend to minimize yourself in turn. So, if you exaggerate their upsides and minimize their downsides, you’re likely to also exaggerate your downsides and minimize your upsides. And that shameful minimization of yourself is not your authentic self.

When you look down on somebody you resent, you tend to exaggerate yourself in turn. So, if you exaggerate their downsides and minimize their upsides, you’re likely to also exaggerate your upsides and minimize your downsides. And hat prideful exaggeration of yourself is also not your authentic self. 

Anytime you distort your reality with a subjectively biased judgment, you tend to move out of state of authenticity and certainty and go into a world of uncertainty by wearing a false persona. The masks you wear, the facades you wear, are not your true nature or identity. Your authentic essential being is the integration of those two sides or masks but will only be experienced or awakened when you have perfectly equilibrated you conscious and unconscious portions of your mind. This is called equanimity or objectivity.

The moment you have equanimity of the mind and equity between you and other people, you discover a hidden order, and your heart lightens up and ‘opens,’ which spontaneously awakens true appreciation and love.

So, your transcendent superconscious mind is your authentic self. The transcendent mind is where you have certainty and presence. The transcendent mind unconditionally loves.

Now, every human being wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are, but how can you expect to be loved and appreciated for who you are, if you’re not willing to be who you are?

So as long as you’re proud, or shamed, you’re not being who you are. As long as you’re resentful or infatuated, you’re not being who you are. But when you’re actually in the center with equanimity, you’re being authentic. And in that moment of authenticity, in that moment of grace, love, inspiration and presence, that’s when you have the greatest certainty and the greatest potential to have your innermost dominant thought become your outermost tangible reality. You become a reacting creature to that which you judge, and you become a creator to that which you love.

Be sure to check back, as I will focus on this further in my next article.


  • Dr John Demartini

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