Broken Heart

Through our life journey, there one season comes when we think about staying there forever. Poets call that Falling in Love. The moment when two bodies, two minds, two souls meet to raise energies together and nurture each other. 

But as per the law of nature, there is a change in weather after a period of time. The Sun rises even after the darkest nights. There will be hot Summer again even after a crystal white winter. 

The world of Love is not untouched by these natural laws because Love is the Language of Nature. Hence as time Change, there one end comes when we get exposed to Break-up in our intimating Relationships. 

The time when the colors of Rainbow turned into faded colors of neutrality or when I realize that eternity exists on earth where time flows very slow and when we invite lots of trouble in our lives.

The trouble that is actually a reflection of our wrong Behaviour at, Thoughts, Actions & Decisions about ourselves and we drop ourself down in all aspects including Health & Fitness, Relationship & Career Life.

The trouble that we choose to welcome in our life, maybe to gain sympathy or to prove something to someone. Maybe we choose this because we haven’t seen any better scenario to navigate ourselves in such a broken situation.

But what if we change the traditional definition of break-up and our functioning after this important incident of our life? Is this possible to turn that pain into gratefulness or thriveness? Maybe not for every human being but it will surely help everyone to claim our real strength that we always have the power to choose.

Break-up is made up of two words (Break + Up) that can be redefined as breaking something and going up (progress) inspired by that incident.

Let me relate it with one chapter of my biography. I was 17 when I meet my first breakup with my soulmate. She moved into one another Relationship with my closest friend. That changed the weather of my life because the pain that emerged out of that situation totally broke me out.

We are capable of dealing with career, financial, or material losses but in matters of heart, it seems impossible to pull ourselves towards the altar of self-care and gratitude.

But one thought that came into my mind at that moment was: I have to become that one rising moon which this sky has not seen yet. This means I embraced the path to progress that can bring her back into my life.

This thought of answering her with my results boosted my productivity so much that I started one local initiative on my own that proved to be a great step in my journey to be an entrepreneur.

So, moving back to the question now and taking lessons from my personal experience. Let’s learn ways to develop gratitude towards such events in our life. 

There are 4 attitudes that we can wear in similar breakdown events of our life.

  1. There is no way to gratefulness but Gratitude is the way.
  2. Focus on what you have learned/earned instead of what you lose.
  3. Take commitment to answer people and situations with your results instead of your effortless Thoughts, Behaviour, and Action towards that person or situation.
  4. Be grateful to your pain that it choose you over anyone else.