An Ounce of Prevention . . .

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has been popping up in my feed quite a bit-with Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminding us there’s much we can do.  The Foundation has a Symptoms Guide that they will send you for free when you give them your email. It’s good, I recommend it.

The Foundation’s site lists a whole bunch of myths about the causes of breast cancer. I thought I might see wireless energy or EMF or RF radiation in this myth section. I didn’t. But I did see the myth: Mammograms Cause Cancer to Spread with an explanation that the benefits of a mammogram outweigh the risk of spreading or causing cancer.

Personally, I don’t agree.

Every year, since my first (and only) mammogram revealed I had “dense” breast tissue and needed an ultrasound too. I’ve opted for only ultrasounds. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I found a lump or an ultrasound showed something suspicious, and I was advised to follow up with a mammogram. But for certain, they will never be my primary go to or an annual preventative. My health journey has led me to a place where I am mindful of technology and it’s effects on my well-being. I avoid all types of radiation as much as possible.

Love the Girls

I take care of my breasts, do the self-exams, I use an organic natural antiperspirant. The doctors I see advised me a long time ago that chemicals in some deodorants mess with my endocrine receptors and my body’s well being in general. And, are totally not worth the risk.

I also know without a doubt that wireless EMF messes with my body.

Being EMF sensitive for 25 years, I believe and highly recommend the Precautionary Principle when it comes to the invisible wireless energy spewing from our devices. I have a Tech Wellness Wireless and Health Guide with all the details, but the point is, the energy has been proven without a doubt to have a biological effect. Think of it like smog or a chemical pollutant or toxin, if you could avoid being exposed to it, wouldn’t you?

Would you sleep next to a device that was spewing diesel fumes, DDT or herbicides?

Yeah. Not so much. Well those are a few of the other compounds the World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” RF electromagnetic fields aka wireless energy from your cellphone is also categorized a Class 2B carcinogen by the WHO.

Breast Care and Your Cellphone

Please note ladies — and men (the NBCA also pointed out the breast cancer in men is not a myth) that when the phone touches you — even when it’s in your bra, your sports bra or your pocket — with just a thin layer between you and the non-ionizing radiation from the phone — that you’re being exposed to 3 to 4 times more than government recommended levels of radiation as Devra Davis from the Environmental Health Trust pointed out in her presentation to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Association in September. The video of the presentation is below because I think it’s worth watching.  Where we put our cellphones is definitely something to be mindful about.

It’s True.

The whole “distance from the energy” point is why I made a video pointing out that we should use a stylus instead of our fingers when we use the phone.

I read my Apple Manual (yeah, I do things like that) and discovered it said that when the phone was tested to pass government SAR standards, they did the tests 5mm away from the phone. Say what?


The video has a shot of the Apple Manual for my iPhone 6 (the video was created a few years back ) and I took out a little ruler to demonstrate how big of space that actually is. Look at your phones manual — it’s usually in the phone’s settings now. Check under Legal or RF radiation, you’ll see the same thing. SAR levels are taken 5mm to sometimes 20mm away from the “test body.”

I have a 7 Plus now. Apple still recommends keeping it 5mm away-Check the end of the first sentence:

So my phone does not go in my bra.

Or my pocket, or for that matter, hand. If it’s on, I carry it in a case with a long chain let’s it dangle from my wrist,  so it typically stays a good eight inches away from my body.  When I text or scroll, it’s with a stylus.

It may seem sort of severe. But thinking about health and specifically Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it may be a choice you want to consider.

We Know More As Time Goes On

I first made that above video in 2015 and updated it with new stylus shots a year ago — notice at the conclusion I say this: “Doctors aren’t really sure what the wireless energy is doing to our bodies.”

More and more research demonstrating strong connections to the wireless energy and the health effects comes out with each passing year.

Devra Davis from the Environmental Health Trust made  this long super informative presentation to the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition this year — in it, among other  learnings, she goes over a study of four women who got cancer directly under where they put their phones–in their bras.

There’s a link to the study in our Research Section under EMF Health Effects.


As a toxicologist, Devra Davis also shares in detail her theory, on how microwave radiation,  combined with another modern technology woe, blue light at night, and EMF can suppress melatonin and increase cancer risks.

At Tech Wellness, we talk alot about Digital Blue Light

And the importance, for many health reasons, of protecting yourself from digital blue light. You can learn more about how blue light it effects your health here.

And, if you’re ready to do something about curbing your blue light exposure think about trying blue light blocking glasses and screens and dimming evening lights, matching your screen brightness to your environment and using software like Flux or Nightshift on your digital devices.

I love to hear your comments and questions and if there’s anything I’m missing, I welcome learning more.  Here’s to living mindfully in our modern tech filled world — and reaping health and well-being.

Be Well!