Breathing is the royal road to the unconscious, the subconscious, and the imagination: to stories that need to be shifted, the griefs, the terrors, the shame that longs to be cleansed.

You will find new ideas about yourself, you will experience a shift in your paradigm and begin to integrate this new vision.

The “breath of life” is a part of every physical practice and many spiritual practices.


Touch Your Breath

Can you relax your spine? Lying down on the floor, mentally scan your spine slowly with the intention to relax it. Can you scan the body? Begin at your toes and sense what you are holding onto and let it go.

Direct Your Breath

Can you widen your back into the floor? Use your breath to sink in and expand your muscles.

Ground Yourself

Can you settle your thoughts? Breathe in relaxation and strength. Breathe out fatigue and anxiety. Can you do the roll down? Standing up, with your legs shoulder width apart, begin to roll your head and shoulders down toward the ground. Relax your neck, soften your knees. Spread your toes till they look something like a starfish. It’s time to think about a Yoga class.

Put away the alcohol, chocolate & all other delicious, malicious addictions.