The choices around health and wellness have been continuously evolving. The modern lifestyle has played a critical role in influencing different body parts as far as holistic wellness goes. It includes mental health also. Today, you have the latest technologies to support your health through customized solutions. While these trends were emerging, 2020 appeared with enormous challenges on almost every front. It caused a paradigm shift in concerns, routines, and everything else. One factor that has been integral to these transformations is the onset of COVID-19. As per a leading health and wellness study, people have become more focused on healing and resilience even though the pandemic changed how households operate and humans interact daily. 

The experts believe that physical and mental spirit has become the foundation of health and wellness. As they say, everything gives you something good and evil, and the pandemic has been no exception to this. After all, nearly everyone had to walk through the phase of overwhelming emotions, anxiety, static lifestyle, no work-life balance, etc. Hence, it will be interesting to find out how the pandemic brought everyone’s focus on mental and physical health.

Brian C Jensen: The pandemic effect on holistic wellness

The main concerns of the people are now personal and community safety, interconnectedness with the world, and short- and long-term health goals. About 38% of Americans feel COVID-19 has changed their idea of health due to stress, anxiety, weight fluctuations, fitness levels, health conditions, Covid-induced fears, and discoveries about better health. While the causes of depression and anxiety became prominent issues in the US during the pandemic, some people gained emotional well-being due to the slower life posed by the lockdown rules.

Another positive outcome can be aware about well-being. People have been talking about overall wellness for ages. Still, the focus remained on treating symptoms of the illness of the physical body. However, the virus outbreak compelled everyone to take a serious step toward it by bringing attention to the connection between mind, body, personal health, and community health.

What does it indicate?

Now, people are thinking more about balance. They realize that physical and mental fitness comes from diet and healthy foods. However, it doesn’t eliminate the sense of indulgence. And mental health has also gone mainstream, one of the most desirable changes that evaded us for a long time.

Essentially, keeping yourself healthy from inside and outside is your duty. In these last two years, things have taken a massive turn. The pandemic has been harsh on everyone. The damage that caused so many lives can be irreparable. The best way to get out of its shadow is to think about the positive outcomes says, Brian C Jensen. People already struggled a lot to achieve complete health in the past. So, don’t let the new insights on health and wellness go to waste. Focus on your nutrition, loved ones, and the life beyond your household. Take a pledge for long-term health gains now and lead a life that emphasizes balance. It doesn’t have to be a quick shift but progress toward a healthy habit.