The spread of novel coronavirus across the globe has restricted the physical movement of people across geographical boundaries. The disease experts are cautious about restricting holiday celebrations and other related issues. With the medical practitioners trying their level hard to provide patients with care and treatment, regular citizens realize it is challenging to spend their time within the house. Although it is boring, it is exciting at the same time. The moment that you spend with your family is precious throughout life.

Since you are aware of the risks associated with Covid-19, acknowledge this time as the best way of celebrating your friends and family. You have to take care of social distancing norms and see safety protocol at home or in a public place. Taking precautions may be daunting. However, it is the need of the hour.

Brian C Jensen suggests a secure way of celebrating holidays with your family

The risk of coronavirus increases when individuals from different households drink and talk together inside the house. You have to take steps to eliminate the threat by maintaining social distance even at home. Taking the help of social media for virtually meeting your friends and family members can be an option. Keep in mind that the risk increases with physical proximity. Hence, you have to connect with your near and dear ones by keeping the safety protocol in mind.

• Restrict the size of the group and keep it as small as possible. Smaller groups are way better as they reduce the risk of contemplating the virus.

• You can meet your friends and family members outside the house as the transmission risk is lower outdoors than indoors.

• If you cannot make provisions for an outdoor gathering, ensure that the room you are using is well ventilated. Open the windows to dissipate any infection in the air.

Make provisions for cross ventilation if possible says Brian C Jensen. Wherever possible, maintain social distance from other members of the family. Motivate others to wash their hands frequently with soap and water after they arrive at your place. Moreover, before serving a meal, you should wash your hands and use disposable hand towels rather than sharing a towel.

What is the safest way of traveling during a pandemic?

As most people stay indoors, travel services witnessed a downfall in their demand. Touring increases the risk of spreading and getting the virus that causes Covid-19. Hence, you have to stay at home as much as possible. However, if your job compels you to travel, you have to be extremely cautious about your safety. According to Brian C Jensen, commercial airplanes are trying to build their safety protocol and taking care of social distancing norms.

Hence, you have to plan your gathering to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. When you limit your visit to other households, it takes care of your safety and security. Hence, take the safety precautions seriously and contribute to limiting the number of Coronavirus cases.