As a leader, to be charismatic, you do not need to have large qualifications. You just need to have some powerful personality traits that motivate people naturally. You must possess charisma which makes you likable.


But is charisma a trait that people are born with or is it made? The answer is, NO!

Anyone can become a charismatic leader by developing agreeable personalities naturally.

According to Rachael Tice a team leader at dissertation writing service, if you want to become a charismatic leader, then you should make your team members to feel respected and special.

Rachael also goes ahead and advises leaders to be alert and ensure you are aware of challenges and how to navigate them. That’s how you can become a charismatic leader.

In short, charisma is something you can learn and practice. You just start by being self-confident and learn how to respect and make other people feel special than you are.

If you are reading this article, then chances are you want to learn how to be a charismatic person. Keep reading as we outline the characteristics you need to learn to develop to be one.

  • Avoid Being Nervous

To become a charismatic person, you need to learn how to manage your nerves, especially when speaking in front of a large crowd. If you happened to come across charismatic people, you must have seen how they speak without being nervous.

Well, it’s not an easy task to manage nerves but it’s something you can practice.  For instance, when addressing others, you need to think of them being special than you.

  • Remember Their Names

How would you feel if you came across a person, you introduced yourself to them and when you continue chatting, they keep on mentioning your name when addressing you?

You will definitely feel special. That’s a powerful tool when you want to become a charismatic leader. In fact, it helps to draw people’s attention instantly. They will like you and feel more important.

  • Ask More Questions and Talk Less

Asking people more questions and listening to what they say is also another great way to be charismatic. People like to be listened to.

In that case, if you are in a seminar with your team members, you should try to speak less and ask questions. For instance, you could use words like, “Great, I liked how you became interested to be one of us. What motivated you to join our team?”

  • Give More and Expect Less

To be a charismatic leader, you need to learn how to improve and enrich your team members. If one or many of your team members need some help, offer to help them. That way, you will become likable to them. Serve others first then yourself last. Give more, expect less and you will become charismatic.

  • Ditch Your Mobile When Having a Conversation with Others    

Figure out this: You are talking to someone but they cannot pay attention to what you are saying because they are on their mobile phones. How do you feel?

In such a situation, you will definitely feel they are ignoring what you are telling them or perhaps what you are telling them is of no importance.

As a team leader of a particular group, your members will feel that they are less important to you if you are interacting with them and you are on your mobile phone.

To be a charismatic leader, you need to ensure you give the people you are talking with all the attention they deserve. In that case, you need to make sure there is less distraction by switching off or putting your mobile phone on silent mode.

The same way  My Assignment Help would designate time to check their phones when working on a project that has strict deadlines is the same way you should do if you want to become a charismatic leader.

  • Compliment Genuinely

Most often people like to give fake compliments. You should not be one of those people. Motivate and encourage people telling them what you appreciate about them, whether you appreciate their contribution as a team or you appreciate their time to listen to you. This way, they will feel good and valued. Charisma is not an inborn thing, it’s something you learn to become and by practicing the tips we have shared above, you will be on your way to becoming charismatic.