As we fall into Fall, don’t you feel like this year has just flown by? As quarantine makes my Saturdays feel like Tuesdays, it’s easy to forget all the things that we have done of late.

Despite being at home, one benefit of quarantine has been being able to spend more quality time with our families. Without the stress of running off to weekend kids sports, lessons and other obligations, we’re spending more time outside, cooking or watching our favorite TV shows together.

Although it’s sometimes difficult to agree on what to do all together. I love adding music to activities and find that most kids do too – whether it’s an impromptu dance party, karaoke, or creating a playlist for a family outing. 

If you’re looking for ideas for a family activity, here’s a fun Fall challenge for your family, that will not only fuel creativity but also remind you of what this year was all about.


It’s easy, just: 

1. Think about what the most memorable moments of the year so far have been for you and your family

2. Pick a song that best matches some of those memories

3. Brainstorm how you will portray those memories (they might be in photo form, re-enactments, video or text art – think about whether there is a throughline for each of these memories 

4. Make a music video and watch it as a family! 

You can use any recording and music streaming service for this, but the WURRLYedu catalog has thousands of rated songs that are non explicit and safe for your family to choose from. And then it’s easy to use our practice and recording tools and fun filters too. 

The result? Creativity is fostered, memories relished, and you get to keep a fun memento of 2020. It might even make a digital holiday card. Music makes family time fun and memorable and during quarantine, it’s another great way to bring families together.