The year 2020 has not been a very exciting one for every family globally. Most countries have shut down and have put restrictions and norms when it comes to festival celebrations. Christmas is almost here and if you are not as excited about it as always, hold your horses. You may be unable to host a fabulous party like always, but there are several other ways of making the day joyous in order to stay safe during the pandemic.

1. Make Handmade Gifts:

While store brought products are always loved, especially by your kids, skip that tradition this year. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of togetherness. Therefore, encourage each of your family members to spend some time and make handmade gifts for everyone. This will not just bring your family joy, but your bond will grow stronger. 

2. Arrange for a Zoom Meeting:

Online parties have become really a happening thing during the pandemic. Hence, arrange for a Zoom meeting with your extended family living abroad or in other states who could not visit you. After all, what really matters is to spend some quality time with your family during festivals.

3. Organize a Fun Family Activity Together:

Honestly, calling guests home is a big hassle and can cause safety concerns. The positive of this situation is that you get to finally spend some quality time with your family, hence make the most of it, which is why we advise you to think out of the box. Arrange for a picnic lunch in a public garden where your family can have conversations and enjoy the outdoors. You can also do some fun activities together, such as visiting an escape room. They are well sanitized after each quest, hence completely safe to visit. Also, it would be a different and exciting way of celebrating the holidays. Search for ‘escape room near me‘ to find the nearest and best escape rooms in your area.

4. Play Christmas Santa Through Mail:

Playing Christmas Santa is what we traditionally do, but you cannot really ask relatives and friends to play the game now due to proximity issues. Nevertheless, digital platforms have made it possible to enjoy this traditional game in a non-traditional fashion. There are apps available that randomly allocates someone as your secret Santa and you can play the entire game through it. There are always e-commerce sites through which you can send each other gifts.

5. Give Back to the Community:

There is no better feeling than the one you have when you help someone in need. Christmas is the best time to bestow love upon others as well by extending a hand and helping people in need in your community. Remember, this year has been a tough one and the coming year is no different. The more blessings you collect for you and your family, the more positivity you will surround yourself with.

There are high chances of vaccines against the pandemic being available in the market in the next 6 months, hence stay hopeful. This Christmas may look very different from the rest but be grateful that you still have your family to celebrate this joyous festival with which is what Christmas is all about.


  • Nataliya Stefanus is a lifestyle Enthusiast and a passionate lifestyle blogger. She's a fan of good food at local restaurants. She enjoys playing bollywall on the beach, reading and spending time with her friends.