A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. Do you know who the artist is? This is undoubtedly an ask worthy question. If an artist, who is a studio rat, a songwriter, a performer, someone who can produce a fantastic song, a people’s favourite person, a musician, a vocal arranger, a team leader, a ladies influencer, a different sound, a swagger, and a great person who listens. Then you probably know Don Juan, who has it all.

Don Juan is a fantastic addition to the rapping industry. This young stunner is the ideal example of how believing in oneself and passion can take them from the exceedingly worst situations to the highest ranks of success.

The information he shares with one of the interviewers is that he was brought up in Atlanta’s Eastland in Georgia. His music is thoroughly inspired by the most famous rappers from New York B.I.G and Jay-Z. he further admits that Don Juan is his real name. 

The famous rapper even went through hard times in his childhood, he was poor and never able to get enough food; people around him never let him be in peace, but still he never appreciates bringing that negativity, that pain into his music. He aims to encourage youth to be self-made and to be great. He adds that people who are sane, never make a mistake by looking back at their past and also says that they can never be able to move on and achieve great things in their lives if their past continuously haunted them.  He strongly believes in the quote “Get out what you put in”.

Don Juan is the true music enthusiast and a follower of his dreams. He encourages youth to dream big and have a great passion because this is the dream that will take you out from the worst situation you have been living in for your whole life as his dream did.

He further opens up about his music company. He explains that his company targets at creating music that people can relate to and make a strong connection between the artist. He also adds that his company is not just for stars but also for those young talents who do not get the right path to pursue their dreams and who have passion for the art of music regardless of being an artist, songwriter, or a producer. He also concludes that he became famous by making genuine relationships and making the most of the opportunities. Don Juan irrefutable drive and passion for his music made him different from the other artists. He got popularity by his song “Lifestyle ft. Future”.

At the end of this inspiring interview, he said that he targets delivering more music that continues to inspire the young and will continue to give young talents opportunities to win. Don Juan is definitely not just a rapper but also an influencer who influences youth to make their future bright, to live their dreams at every cost, to get success and become great.