Inside you lives a superhero and inside you lives a monster. There are at the opposite ends of the edges of you, and as you move away from the “comfortable center” you meet them both. The question is how can you really bring out the superhero, the giant within, the part of you that fosters the light of your soul while leaving the monster within peacefully asleep?

How can you keep that part of you, that extraordinary light, in the driver seat?

There are steps in the process of becoming a superhero.  You will become fearless as you go through that process so It is definitely worth the effort.

The Universal Law of Balance in service to your business growth

The universal law of balance is quite simple. Inside the light is darkness, and inside the darkness is light, and the two are balanced perfectly. How can we use this universal law of balance in growing as a leader, growing in business, and growing your company? This law of universal balance applies to everything, whether you believe in it or not.

Being extraordinary means that you are different, that you walk the road less traveled, that you stand out. You can create the road you are going to travel on, instead of following the road that others created. And the rewards are truly fulfilling. You are moving towards expanding the limits of humanity.

The law of balance though means that as you are moving towards the edges there is a force of equal and opposite magnitude that is pulling you in the opposite direction, the direction of destruction, your destruction, the destruction of everything you worked so hard to create.

This means that by nature we are drawn to the center, the very boring center of conformity. At the end of the day don’t we all want to just be “normal”? Well, do we?

We all want the rewards of being extraordinary, yet we are scared to take the steps towards our greatness.

There is an extraordinary part inside of you that has always been there

Inside each and everyone is a superhero, the true genius within. This is the light that lights the darkness inside of you and outside of you as well. This is the guiding light that leads you to these moments where you can even surprise yourself.

“Whoa, this was amazing, where did that come from?” The short answer is that it came from you.

These are some practical steps you can take today to move towards your genius zone:

  • Give yourself permission to be different
  • Celebrate your quirkiness
  • Use the tool of active imagination to start a relationship with the genius within
  • Take a few minutes every day to daydream or to imagine where you want to go
  • Remember to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for the things you did.

By starting on this journey you can stay in your genius zone for long periods of time, even every day for the rest of your life. And remember that it is ok to have an off day (or longer). You are just human. As long as you try your best every day, it is enough!

And there is a part of you that is sabotaging you as fast as you move. How can you keep that part in check?

The amazing light inside you is only equaled by the part of you that seems to have self-destruction as its ultimate goal. It is in overcoming that pull towards destruction that will allow you to stay on the genius edge.

Have you ever observed yourself playing the self-sabotaging game? Taking one step forward and one step back, maybe even managing to take hundreds of steps forward before that self-limiting checkpoint kicks in and it’s step zero again. Yes, you can grow in adversity, is that really necessary though?

In order to stop wasting your time and energy towards managing disasters and drama there are a few decisions you can make today:

  • Choose to stay away from the drama, no matter how important and relevant it seems to be. “No” is a complete sentence.
  • Take a moment, or a couple of breaths, before answering in conversation to evaluate what you are about to say. Take a day, or even a few days to reply in writing. Fast is not always better.
  • Go for a walk or drink a glass of water as a new response to stressors in your life. These are healthy habits that will help you feel better about yourself.
  • You can also clean up your desk, your email, your files.

You have the ability and the power to choose the path that you are following every moment of every day. And remember that you can have negative emotions and it is ok to feel them, as long as it is only an occasional indulgence.

And as a bonus, you will overcome a lot of your fears.

Fear is governed by the lower “fight or flight” parts of our brains and psyche. The human brain is comprised of 3 regions, the basal ganglia (also commonly referred to as the primal or reptilian brain), the limbic system (paleomammalian or emotional brain) and the neocortex (neomammalian or rational brain). (triune brain model formulated in the 1960s by Maclean). Fear lives primarily in the basal ganglia, so even if it is not rational or real, it has the power to hijack your attention and demand that you address it, usually by taking action that is not in your best interest. The problem is that fear, since it does not live in the rational part of our brain, cannot be appeased by “thinking it through”. Fear does not really diminish or goes away rationally. And this is not a matter of willpower or intelligence. It is a matter of biology.

As you are moving towards your more evolved and conscious part of yourself, by really finding your genius within and your purpose, you are actively evolving and that also means that you are no longer governed by your fears. And so your fear and stress will naturally diminish.

What can you do today to move the needle?

Today you can think of this law of universal balance as your friend. If you want to shift the balance, and become extraordinary then you start by improving yourself and becoming one with your genius within, while at the same time you let go of the baggage that you carry around in the form of drama or even physical clutter. Sheer will, hard work, and sacrifice will not get you there easily, if at all.

What you can do is to move towards the genius within is to allow yourself to let go of drama, and replacing it with healthy habits that allow you to have more time and energy.

You have the choice, the power and the responsibility to be the best version of yourself. Every small step in that direction is cumulative and sooner or later you will get there! Trust yourself and trust the process.