Bringing Your Divine Gifts to a Broken World

For those who’ve been following our blogs, you know that there is a conscious entrepreneur movement underway.

Businesses of all sizes are adopting conscious business principles such as:

  • Viewing success from the perspective of “how can I make a difference” versus “how much money can I make.” 
  • Thinking about our product from the perspective of “will it solve a problem” versus “will someone buy it.”

After a decade of building conscious brands through the Share On Purpose, Inc portfolio of companies, the call to take our authentic business growth methods to a larger audience became overwhelming. It was time. 

Shift/Co™ assembled a team of conscious business leaders, teachers, coaches and mentors to show conscious entrepreneurs how to build THRIVING conscious companies. 

Our belief is that with a few simple but powerful SHIFTS, conscious entrepreneurs can experience more success AND make a greater impact on the world. We call it The Divine Shift, and conscious leaders, business leaders in particular, are being called up to lead the way to a more equitable, healthy, purposeful, and whole world.

Conscious companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of how big or small, new or old, have 3 things in common:

  1. The business is based on the founder’s unique, and we believe divine, gifts. These gifts are things the founder just knows how to do; they are natural, special, unique and impactful. 
  2. Conscious entrepreneurs are “called” to higher purpose. It’s like we can’t NOT do this business…even when it’s hard, even when it feels like it’s not working, even when we want to stop. It’s like the business keeps going, even when we feel as if we can’t.
  3. There is a sense of urgency. For right now, the call is getting louder because the world NEEDS these gifts, now more than ever.

So, if you’re ready to take your divine gifts to the world…to make a bigger difference and have a larger impact, attend any of our free events

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