Before the Challenge my life was work, work, work. I had no energy to spend quality time with my wife, Sharleen, and our daughters, 8-year-old Nathleen and 4-year-old Kristilee. I’m only 26 but I was always tired and feeling bad about myself. At night, I would sit at my desk playing video games.

“I would eat fast food, like burgers and fried chicken, and I weighed 254 pounds.”  

After work, I’d grab whatever I could find in the kitchen: ham, sausages, rice — and pile it on a plate — I’d eat anything and everything! My wife said: “Bryan, what’s happened? You’ve let yourself go.” Trust me, that really hit hard. 

“The final straw: I got stuck on the floor and couldn’t get up!”

I bent down to pick something up from the floor and couldn’t move. I had a cramp and called my wife’s mom, who rushed to my rescue. I was fine, but Sharleen, who was already a Challenge winner, encouraged me to make some changes.

“So far I’ve lost 15 pounds.”

For breakfast, I have turkey ham, one slice of nine-grain bread, and two eggs — instead of four or more! For dinner, I cook salmon with vegetables in a spicy sauce for an extra kick. I like to have a full plate of food but wanted to have smaller portions, so I started eating off my daughters’ little Frozen and Minnie Mouse plates. They found it hilarious, and it’s working for me! I was very addicted to Coca Cola so I gradually reduced the amount I was drinking. Now I’ve quit completely.

By cutting out fast food I’m saving $400 each month and I’ve paid off my debts, which feels incredible. I bought a brand new car for my wife. I’m happier and more positive at work; my co-workers have noticed and I’ve encouraged them to start the Challenge, too.   

“I made a little gym in my garage.” 

I bought dumbbells, training mats, and a bench press. My daughters watch me exercising and laugh because I make funny noises! The little one sometimes joins in. I’m happy knowing I’m a good role model by working out, and Sharlene is doing the Challenge with me, which is motivating.

I didn’t sleep well before, now I sleep like a baby — eight hours a night. I do breathing exercises in bed, breathing in and out 15 times… but I’m already asleep before I finish. 

“I’m investing in the future of my family and enjoy being a ‘super dad.’” 

Family time is precious and I’m loving hanging out with my wife and my kids. We go for drives  around the island and on bike rides together — we’re having a blast. I’ve become a better parent and notice the joy on my daughters’ faces every day. 

To improve our community, I’ve started cleaning and tidying the common spaces near our home. My message for others: Take care of yourself and the ones you love, and never take anything for granted.

––Bryan Rosado, Supercenter #2501; Bayamón, P.R.; $5K Winner