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“Embrace Uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

                                         – BOB GOFF

Show me someone who says ‘I KNOW EVERYTHING’ and EVERYTHING IS GOING AS PER PLAN’; We all have become slaves of certainty that it feels lust every single time. We are so addicted to the certainty that at every step of our life we want that and for some reason, we don’t get that, we either fall down or fear to grip us. We always strive to control certainty, it is such a comfort level that we don’t want to leave. It is like that couch in your room or in your living area which, no matter what, you don’t want to leave, it is that love of your life where you don’t want to accept changes and don’t want to leave. You start seeking a name in a relationship even before indulging it fully. However, you have to leave CERTAINTY’s hand like a mother and hold UNCERTAINTY’s hand like a father.

Your parents were uncertain about your birth in the world, they were uncertain about your name, your behaviour, your likes and dislikes, which school you go to, what you do in life. Even if they have decided that you will be an engineer, lawyer or doctor but still they were uncertain that you might end up taking Accountancy. Your mother was certain that a girl will be born but dad was like who so ever born will be our best child. Your parents thought our child will be healthy and wealthy but she ends up getting cesarean section delivery. So, nothing is planned or certain.

“We don’t know where we come from and where we go, we fill the missing links with whatever our imaginations can provide us.”

Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls of Eternity

Let me share a small story with you, I and my boyfriend were planning a vacation after 8 years of being together as we were so busy with our career and life building. I planned everything in my mind where we go, what we do, how we go, the place we will visit, I even planned what dress I will be wearing and all. But his actions were like we will see where we can go and I was on the edge till the last minute. Long story short, nothing planned as I wanted or wished but we both ended up making memories much better than what I expected initially.  And he is always like ‘We will See’ and We will discover something. Believe me, I discovered so much with him and life in general that this platform will be short to share. Just go with the flow, sometimes if things happen your way it is good; it is meant to and if sometimes it did not go as per your plan then believe it was not for you. But do not set expectations for the future when things go certain as they are temporary and an illusion.

The uncertainty of the future is a great blessing for us, humans! Let the road ahead of us be completely unknown to us so that we can have the marvellous joy of discovering it.”

Mehmut Murat ildan

Didn’t you feel uncertain when you went to school for the first time? Didn’t you feel uncertain when you fell in love with someone? Didn’t you feel uncertain when you went to some adventure camp? Think about it. Then, why this addiction to certainty. 

If you are thinking of controlling everything which is around you, then I feel sorry for you as there is no need for that. You are caught up with the wrong interests in life. Your interest should be to go inside and control the volcanoes of uncertainty that are erupting to balance out; outside. As there are things in our life that are out of our control zone and you cannot control everything which is outside. The world outside is a bit of a challenge, it is about how good are you at handling yourself, your internal emotions.   It all comes down to actually internal self-calibrating and managing yourself. What I am trying to say is that it is our magical emotions that run the world. Our emotions run like mercury sometimes up and down or static, but the best part of feeling emotional about something is that we can connect to it, understand why it is happening the way it is happening. Since we are not in touch with our emotions and all the information being moulded to teach us about emotions handling has led to expectations from our surroundings.

Don’t you think, looking for some absolute certainty will be so pretentious, Give a thought; I leave you with some middle brain food thought.

It is all about Self-education what we are talking about here, it is crazy that no one has taught us that and whatever we had learnt it was all versions of different people. I don’t want to categorise them into right or wrong; good or bad. We have been taught that emotional experience is not normal. First thing first, I don’t understand what people define as normal and not normal. I believe that they categorise as per their needs and society standards. But let me tell you that handling rather say managing your emotions which is running inside of yourself is the duty you have to do. It is the first thing that you should focus on. You are an emotional being and you hold all the power of attorney, you can control 17 or more emotions in one go which is going inside of you while you read this. The interesting part is these microcontrollers to people around you ignore the emotions you have and made us learn that only women hold the right of being emotional, men have no right to be emotional and women are a bit sensitive. We are human beings first before someone categorizes us into men and women. And beings are emotional despite who they are. I can understand we have been circling back these kinds of information which holds no truth, I would say just focus on the facts and the fact is we are emotional beings and it hits everyone. It is like saying flood affects only coastal areas more than highland areas, if the coastal area is being affected by floods more than highland areas are affected by earthquakes or something else. So like emotions, it can be different for everyone, but after all, they are emotions. So, these high tide and low tide of emotions make us go certain to uncertain and thinking about uncertainty makes us go anxious, panic attacks, overthinking and what not.

We human beings are like Moon who keeps hidden, even from ourselves, but the Moon also asks us to bring light in our life, feel everything about us, express our light to ourselves first before we become sunlight to others. Bring it in that light and let everything else, let it go. Humanity is going through a heightened uncertainty which people have never given thought to and now they acting out of triggers of fear. But I want you all just see this way as on the full moon; moonshine light so beautifully and reflects how this cycle of light and dark move and offers an opportunity to see beyond the illusions of fear, an illusion of this 3D world consciousness. Fear of losing, fear of trying new things, Fear of what people will say, Fear of lack, fear of illness, fear of what could go wrong have murdered so much of abundance for humanity and fear of losing the security is topping the charts. Believe me, this time is the best time for humanity, it is a chance for us to break all the old notions and build something new, it is all about creation and standing up for ourselves first then only we can help other people. We in life never do something good when facing difficulties or challenges with a mindset of doubt,the terror barrier of what will happen or what is happening.

I remember how much I used to escape from my reality, emotions as it is easier to do so, sounds so tempting but it is the most dangerous thing to do. When we are in flight or Fight mode, we feel like we need to go on a getaway, clicking pictures, dancing, eating good food, romantic thoughts, good thoughts just to come back to the same old routine and reality. This sounds to me like buying inner peace on a high interest credit card where at the end bill comes due or the debt piles up higher and higher. Out of fear of the uncertainties and unknowns inherent to change, we defer our happiness. What I have understood after observing everything around me is that our emotions rule us, emotions are simply energy we invest in other people, on ourselves by being sad, happy, anxiety or other. We get so wrapped in that; that sometimes we overdo things or underdo, we don’t need to be wrapped up. In our own emotions are communicated, they sometimes tell us something and we need to understand why it is causing it. The interesting part is we can tap into our emotions, that’s powerful information. Sometimes you feel something, maybe, nervous and that’s completely okay. First feel that emotion, accept it and then shifting your brain to – That you are able to deduce what something is or means. It is not a big deal to display out your emotions and you can completely manage it with ease. We have to feel the emotions, usually we don’t do that; when there is a resistance to something it persists more. So, it is better to accept it, practice feeling emotions, understand from which part of your thought is pushing this emotion, what happens is, is that at the end of the day, we can handle any emotional disturbances. Everything is inside us, emotions are no longer in the mold of what happens outside. We can start to develop this deep uncertainty. We have to transform the raw materials of our experiences into opportunities, into art, into growth.

We can never be sure of everything in life, it is all about how we measure things and what meaning we give it.


Out of the Grey, it numbs the essence of being,

The facts, figures, beliefs all start crumbling down.

The routine we have developed to dream has changed the reality upside, down now.

Now, as we all fall in our reality, the new evolving truth gonna hurt everyone for a while,

But it will make them learn how to surrender in the life where they have no control, the life where acceptance is the sword.

The reality we were ruling with such a brazen ways turned out to be an illusion in a world of certainty which is so called certain.

Uncertainty comes uninvited which shows that sometimes in the moment what is necessary need to gulp it like an ugly fruit.

It shows that feeling of surrender which evacuate so many emotions within us can only be measured with the meaning principle we give at the given time.

The way time unpacks everything like we peel onion layer by layer, that’s how it gonna be and it all depends on humanity to be creative, work collectively with the power of will.

This is a Life of Uncertainty either be aesthetic or whatever you want to create.

This is Uncertainty.


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