Building and running a successful business is no walk in the park. It takes much time, hard work, and patience. Every entrepreneur knows that. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs lose themselves in the grind, which sometimes never ends.  Luckily, with the right mindset and actions, entrepreneurs can learn to find comfort in the chaos.

Ryan Mulvany, is an entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about building businesses. He refers to himself as Amazonholic and has facilitated over $1 Billion in Amazon for his clients and proprietary brands. Mulvany founded the company, Quiverr, which provides Amazon with solutions for some of the top CPG Organisations and their assets. He also is an advisor to CPG, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Startups, an investor, dreamer, and speaker.

Quiverr was the third fastest-growing company in San Diego from 2014 to 2017, a time period when Amazon gave the firm a Platinum Seller Status. Mulvany went from selling used books in 2008 to selling the entire business in 2017 to a strategic partner, Advantage Sales, and Marketing.

It wasn’t always easy for him. With growth comes sacrifice. After selling his business he no longer owned it, but still worked there. This is an interesting headspace for any entrepreneur. However, through months of self-reflection and perseverance, he figured out a way to stay true to the original mind-set and roadmap which built the company.

Be Able to Identify What You’re Good at & What You’re Not

Many entrepreneurs are hard workers. However, many of them are grinding hard on the wrong thing; and, become a bottleneck in their own business. Success requires action planning. You are more likely to prosper in something you are good at than what you are not good at. As an entrepreneur with a great vision, you have to stay out of your way to your success. Identify what you are best in and aim for the stars.

Going for the wrong thing is what is making many businesses get stunted even after the individuals involved put in the work. Choose the right battles, and it will only work to your advantage. You might also make it easier than you thought. Know what you are good at and the things at which you want to be good at.

Bring in Software. Be Ok with Spending Money to Scale Your Business

Running a business means that you have to take care of many different tasks. In some cases, you need someone with skills varying from yours. Do not be afraid to hire A-players to push your agency if you have to. If it doesn’t work, explore other options. Bring in software to take care of what would take a couple of workers to do. That way, the workload is minimized, allowing space for scaling the business. Don’t hesitate in spending some money to expand your company and pursue new heights.

It might cost you a lot, but you have to spend money to get money, and that’s how it is. Do not become a bottleneck in your own business. If your business is not growing, it is dying.

What Do You Want to Become?

Achieving something starts with first knowing what you are aiming at and going for it. Establish what you want to be and learn everything you need about it then pursue the goal. If it means learning new skills, learn them, and get other people skilled in different fields to help you become what you envisioned.

Track Information to Identify What’s Going Wrong

Running a company will require you to know everything about it. In case anything goes wrong, you should know where and what is not working to come up with a working solution. That means that you have to have a way to follow up the information to be able to know what is happening.

Learn to listen to the client’s needs, you might not have the solution, but someone in your team might have it, and solving the matter.

Ryan Mulvany has managed to keep his sanity through challenging times as an entrepreneur, and believes anyone can as well so long as they are committed to their personal learning and growth.

He says his amazonohlic tendencies are is even stronger than ever before, and it’s still Day 1 for the business (as Jeff Bezos puts it), and for himself. Mulvany does not plan to stop anytime soon.