Your ‘forever home’ is not just a house, an investment property to rent or sell for profit, it’s something you want to grow into, evolve with and love being in. Why treat your business any differently?! That’s why when you build your ‘forever home’ you should take care to do it once, intentionally and with care.

It’s the same with your purposeful business, it’s not something you want to invest time, energy, effort and money into if you don’t see it lasting or evolving with you as you go.

You have to be invested emotionally and mentally, financially and spiritually because you are creating something you want to last.

How do you go about planning your forever home?

You start with the concept and plans,  you discuss with an architect and builder, you’re prepared to wait to get just the service you want.

You don’t go for a quick fix, a cheap build, from the first available contractor! Neither do you expect a replica of someone else’s.

Your forever home is a customised home, built just for you unlike anyone else’s. You wait for the experts because you only want the best.

This is what you should be expecting with your business. Setting your standards, expectations, anticipating the best support systems because you are building your business to last.

I get it, you are excited and a little scared with so many ideas and requirements, but you also know that it’s not a short term concept you are creating. You are investing for the long term, so you commit to getting it ‘right‘, for you and your needs.

Building your home you would scope the perfect location, you get inspired by other houses perhaps by seeing what feels good to you, what you like and don’t like just to understand what feels right for you.

Then when you are ready, you go all in. You clear time and space in your world to commit to this build and you decide to begin.

Which doesn’t mean trying to do everything yourself, oh no!

When you build your ‘forever home‘ you are only wanting the best, so you find the perfect architect who can guide your ideas into a concept house design.

The perfect project manager who can carve out all the project concepts into a plan, and then all the relevant trades to specialise in finalising electrics, plumbing, building and roofing etc.

Maybe even an interior designer to help you at the other end to make your house a home.

You do not start an architecture degree yourself, get qualified as a Project Manager and learn how to lay bricks. Neither do you believe that a few online courses will make you an expert.

Your purposeful business needs this level of commitment, investment and the perfect team to support you on your journey to a rock solid business that can grow, evolve and scale with you.

Just like your ‘forever home‘.

Imagine building your forever home: 

  •  It is unique to you, no plans have been designed yet, it is only limited by your imagination.   
  • You do not have to do it yourself! That would be madness! You will save time and money, and enjoy the most excellent results by having the experts on board from the start.
  • You should enjoy the journey as well as the end result.  This is a project, and all kinds of things can take a detour in the process, but it’s a learning curve and you can enjoy the journey, knowing you’re on your way to your final destination.
  • It’s a place that reflects you; your style, your achievements, your vibe!

Building a business is exactly the same!

You need to:

  • Gain clarity of your concept right from the start. You deserve a bespoke business model designed to integrate into your life.
  • Get the right team onboard with you. Hire people who are experts in their field and can also challenge your thinking. They will add tremendous value in the long run.
  • Create a strategy for your business that has you reinvigorated and motivated. Enjoy the journey! It’s important to create that framework and be willing to be flexible along the way. Don’t kill yourself over it.
  • Reflect your uniqueness, so decide where you’re going to spend your time, energy, effort and focus to get the results in your successful business your way.

Make some time today to reflect on your business, your goals and your successes and challenges. It is never too late to get back to basics, to adjust some things and keep on pursuing that dream you have to change the world and build according to your own bespoke vision!


  • Alison Callan

    International Award Winning Business Clarity & Success Coach, Author and Speaker

    Alison Callan is a multi-international Award Winning empathic and heart-led global Business, Clarity and Success coach to aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Alison's mission is to champion the introverted and driven entrepreneurs starting in business or taking their professions by storm, to ensure they confidently step up to be seen, and heard. Alison actions this through her Coaching programs, and speaking engagements. Alison is a two times #1 best selling author, and Creator of 'The Conscious You'. She is a self proclaimed personal development junkie and is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation as well as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a registered member of the NLP Association of Australia. Download the #1 tool all successful entrepreneurs need to thrive personally and professionally, The Mindset Pathway. Please contact Alison for collaborations, interviews, editorials or contributions.