Exercising makes you healthy, energized, fit, more confident, and also improves cognition, as described by Dr. John Medina in Brain Rules.

Since my gym and yoga studio closed last year, I have focused on creating an exercising routine that fits my work from home schedule, while providing me with the same benefits that I had before.

I have enjoyed the journey to learn about new ways to be active and embraced all the adjustments in my workouts to continue to challenge my body, improve my physical performance, and my energy for work and personal projects.

A virtual community is still a community

I downloaded the Peloton app on a free trial in 2019 because I didn’t like to do cardio at the gym, so I needed extra motivation to be on the bike and treadmill.

Last year it became my ‘place to go’ for at home exercising and outdoor jogging.

I ended up buying a Peloton bike as gyms California have been closed for a long period.

Initially, I was skeptical about engaging with a virtual community. But I have to admit that I have really enjoyed all interactions with the participants during classes (high five!) and with the instructors on social media.

Bites of exercising can be effective for your mood and your body

I used to spend one hour at the gym in the morning before going to work, and to stop at the Yoga studio on the way back for a 75 min class. Although working from home eliminated commute time, it has also blurred the limits between work and personal life.

As I am starting to work way before 9AM, it’s hard to fit my whole morning routine – meditation, exercising, breakfast, showering, checking on the news, and getting ready for work – before jumping on my first meeting.

Thus I have adapted my workout routine accordingly. First, I block my calendar in the early morning, but I am not able to avoid all meetings, so I have shorter exercise breaks before 9AM.

If I am not presenting in the 7AM call, I may also be doing some stretching and abs. When I have a 30 min break I do a Peloton bike class and a quick cold shower, and I also do short walks during the day.

I’ve learned that these exercising breaks help me to keep my energy level throughout the day and have improved my productivity and engagement at work.

Outdoor is better than indoor

Walking or jogging around the block, by the beach, hiking on a state park over the weekend are definitely more enjoyable than working out at home.

Being in contact with nature helps to boost creativity and that is very needed now that we are spending so much time staring at screens and in endless meetings.

I have changed my exercising routine multiple times throughout the past year as a way to create novelty and help me to stay healthy, energized and grounded throughout the day.

For many months I was doing active yoga classes in the morning, to start the day – as a warm up for all the hours seating. Now I prefer relaxing yoga before going to bed. In a few months I may change everything again and you should too!