We all have a story. We all have struggles. We all have suffering on some level. Nikki Weiner the visionary behind the powerful movement Building Bold has created a space where women can unapologetically share their truth through writing and storytelling, while feeling the safety to remove their masks of perfection. “This movement is a call to action that invites each of us to stand in solidarity and stop hiding behind our fears,” affirms Nikki.

So often it is through our challenges that our greatest gifts have the opportunity to present themselves to us. This was certainly the case for Nikki. Upon graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University, Nikki’s idea of what success in her life and career looked like were completely disrupted. She found herself and so many women around her in toxic work situations where they were suppressing their emotional experiences and silencing their voices in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Upon reflecting on many emotions that stood before her and drawing on her own pain from being fired for speaking her truth, Nikki moved on a deep calling to share her experiences through her writing. Although she had been writing since childhood, in that moment, Nikki had yet to share her words publicly. “There is something so powerful about a blank page,” Nikki says. “It’s a space where we can bleed our trauma and revise our wild, precious lives.” As I listened to her say this, I envisioned a blank canvas filled with endless possibility that could only be unleashed if we could each be willing to get raw, honest and share what is authentically up for us.

Our society is filled with false notions of what perfection is and misrepresents the true nature of the female experience. “I want to connect women from all walks of life around the globe and support them as we face the all too familiar challenges that come with life. After all, expression is the boldest act a woman can take,” Nikki declares. It wasn’t until Nikki started sharing her personal struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, which she suffered from in solitude for 19 years, that she felt an element of healing.

By rising up and sharing her story, Nikki hoped that other women would also rise up and share theirs, and indeed they did and continue to do so. Whether women are joining Nikki’s heart-centered writing workshops, vulnerable spoken word performances, or contemplative writing challenges, they are each finding their own path — one that helps them stay aligned with who they are, while stepping out of the experiences that no longer serve them. The Building Bold community is helping women access an energy of support and freedom that helps each of us move through our challenges.

“It is actually quite bold to share our difficulty”, says Nikki: “Sharing our pretty, ugly, scary, shameful, painful stories is bold — it’s an oasis.”

Thank you Nikki Weiner for creating this sacred space for all of us to flourish freely.

To learn more about Nikki Weiner and her inspiring mission, be sure to follow Building Bold.

Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s life and wellness coach at www.lifeevolutionscoaching.com

Originally published at medium.com


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