Have you ever been wronged? Well, you might want to watch this story about forgiveness and the decades of scientific research behind it. 

It focuses on why forgiveness is so important and the impact “unforgiveness” can have on both mind and body. The researchers look at not only inter-personal issues of forgiveness, but as importantly, how a society that has been wronged tries to grapple with those complex issues concerning forgiveness or retribution. 
How does someone like Nelson Mandela —  imprisoned for 27 years by the South African white regime — emerge from prison yet forgive his captors and go on to lead a nation? How do congregants who survived a mass shooting forgive their assailant? How can trust be rebuilt…or can it? Are there different levels of forgiveness that are acceptable for being wronged? What are the health effects of unforgiveness?

Most importantly, how do you “reach” forgiveness? What is the science behind understanding forgiveness? The author of the study has a very personal story and journey to tell about reaching his own sense of forgiveness for a murder committed on a close family member.

The results of this unique research, funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, prompted the researchers to produce a REACH Forgiveness Workbook that is being distributed around the globe to help those who want to engage in the process of forgiveness and attempt to leave unforgiveness behind.

By Richard Sergay


  • Richard Sergay is an award-winning veteran network television journalist and senior media executive who spent much of his career at ABC News. He reported on major domestic and international stories for World News, Nightline and Good Morning America and ABC Radio. Richard completed a six-year assignment as Bureau Chief and Correspondent based in South Africa covering the end of White rule and Apartheid, as well as the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the ensuing peace negotiations. After the South Africa assignment, Richard began a new beat for ABC News – the first for any major network --  focused on the digital revolution unfolding in the U.S.