On this occasion we want to let you know the importance of processing your building permit Markham or your Works Permit, since in this way you will avoid excessive fines, the closure or the definitive suspension of your construction, loss of the value of your property and in many Sometimes the complete demolition of your work, which will cause you great losses for not following the regulations and standards of the corresponding authorities.

What is the Building permit?

The Building permit is a permit required, normally by the local administration, to carry out any type of construction that you carry out, and is supervised by the municipal authorization to carry out the works. These entities must enforce the uses, build ability, accessibility and technical aspects approved for the respective constructions. Taking into account the land use planning plans and the special resource management plans of each city.

Building license types

1. – Minor work license or Type A Construction Manifestation normally for those works of simple technique and that do not require structural elements, and those of reform that do not involve alteration of the volume, of the main use of the facilities and services of common use or of the number of dwellings and premises, nor affect the exterior composition, the structure or the habitability or security conditions.

To build, expand, repair or modify a single-family home of up to 120 m2 built, on a property with a minimum front of 6 m, two levels, a maximum height of 5.5 m and free gaps no greater than 4m, which must have the provision of services and basic conditions of habitability, safety and hygiene, the percentage of the free area, the number of parking spaces and generally comply with the provisions of the Urban Development Programs;

Construction of fences with a maximum height of 2.50 m

Opening of gaps of 1.5 m maximum in constructions up to two levels

Changes of ceilings or mezzanines as long as structural elements are not affected and the use or destination of the property is not totally or partially changed

Installation or construction of cisterns, septic tanks or sewers

Where appropriate, extension or notice of completion of work, so that the owner or possessor of a property or buildings have the option of making minor modifications to their property.

2. – Major work license or Type B Construction M manifestation is the procedure carried out to build, expand, repair or modify a work or installation for non-residential or mixed use of up to 5,000 m2 or up to 10,000 m2 with residential use.

3. – Manifestation of type C construction is the procedure that is carried out to build, expand, repair or modify a work or installation for non-residential or mixed use of more than 5,000 m2 or more than 10,000 m2 with residential use, or constructions that require of opinion of urban impact or urban-environmental impact.

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What is the Building permit for?

The Building permit  serves so that you can carry out your work with the security measures, processes, rules and regulations in accordance with what is established by the corresponding authorities of the city or town in which you are, since each area may have different rules and regulations. Regulations.

How much does a Building License cost?

The value of this procedure depends on the costs approved for each municipality by the Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development. The value depends on several factors such as the stratum in which the property is located and the m2 that are approved, in the same way, delineation taxes and the nomenclature fee must be paid to the municipality, which depend on the m2 that are approved.