Upskill Online

If you’re directly impacted by the layoffs taking place or whether you’re working from home and looking for a challenge to take on, this post is for you.

When this pandemic comes to pass, you’re going to be in a new world.

How can you can use this time that’s been gifted in order to create your next opportunity?

I’ve always used digital devices and my fingertips to up-skill, engage, and sharpen my mind – and you can too.

This is simply one way to prepare for a new normal that we are all about to step into. Coming from this perspective, here is a list of free virtual learning and volunteer opportunities to consider as you flatten the COVID curve!


Get Google Certified

Code from HTML to SQL to Python

Sharpen with Design Thinking

Boost your Well-being by Yale University on Coursera

Watch Adobe Summit 2020


Volunteer Online @ United Nations

Take on Virtual Pro-Bono Projects

Engage with Kids Help Phone

Be a Digital Citizen Advisor

What else can you add to this list?

In growth!