In the modern world, many entrepreneurs seek to build their own e-commerce business because it is fairly fast to startup and easy to learn. But, many of them don’t know how to properly scale their business or earn a consistent income. It takes years of experience and learning in order for someone to have true success in the e-commerce space. E-commerce expert and Founder of Ecommerce Empire Builders, Peter Pru, knows all about the struggles and success of e-commerce.

While Pru was a freshman in college he began to learn about marketing and affiliate marketing. He started to make some money but not enough to be able to focus on it full time. Right after he graduated college he got a job because he wasn’t making enough money online. He absolutely hated the day to day work life.

He then started looking into Amazon FBA which is used source products from China that you send to an Amazon FBA warehouse and Amazon sells the products for you. He started to market it once he had his products and he was able to earn 50k-80k a month in sales within the first year of his Amazon FBA business. While everything seemed to be going well, one day his Amazon account was banned because a competitor made some false IP claims against them. Everything he had worked so hard for was gone within seconds and it took him over a year just to get that now empty account back.

After all of that Pru realized that Amazon never cared about him and he was just helping them build their business. That is why he started to educate himself on dropshipping. He, of course, started his own business around drop shipping and it was doing fairly well with sales but he realized that he wasn’t making any profit, he was actually losing money. At the time he also just learned about this new software called ClickFunnels where you are able to create a sales funnel for your business.

He dove right into learning how to create a sales funnel and it wasn’t easy. He went through at least 50 funnels before he got it right. So, the key is experimenting and being consistent because if you keep track of all of that data you can learn from it and profit from it. After he was able to get a working funnel going he was then earning 5k-10k in net profit within the first year.

Pru states that “It takes money to make money” which he explains how if you have to work part-time or even a full-time job to fund your business, then do it. Almost every startup needs money to begin to be willing to do what it takes to earn that money so you can invest in yourself and your business. You must think of it as a temporary source of income so you will be able to fund your business.  

Be consistent, always learn, adapt and keep moving forward. You never want to give up especially in the e-commerce space because there are so many different factors and the market can change overnight.