Who do you say you are? What others say you are is not your prerogative. The truth of who you say you are and know you are is important. However, sometimes it can be very hard to focus as well as concentrate on your own individual identity of your true self, because of what others are saying about you. Words are very powerful and words do hurt.  At times you can even second guess your own truth.

  When one is been bullied by others, it can take a toll mentally on the person being bullied. It can create an entire belief system in one’s own mind that is totally not real and is untrue. Over time, this belief system can become rooted and caused severe damages to all areas in that person’s life as well as others around them.

I know this to be true because a child, I was bullied. I also know of several individuals who have been victimized by bullies as well. Not just by strangers, but by family members who told them they were not good enough, they were not smart enough, they were not tall enough, etc.

  Bullies sometimes use different unkind objectives words and messages such as you’re stupid, you’re useless, you’re a pig, you’re fat, you’re too skinny, and the list goes on.  Because of bullying, sometimes people believe that they have no control. They lose self-esteem, self-confidence, and eventually self-love. they believe that there’s no one that loves them and that they have no other choice than to eliminate themselves from the negativity. They are also focused to believe that it is their fault. They have to be removed from the overwhelming painful experiences and the hurt they are feeling. They believe all the lies of the very things that have become their new reality. In some cases, some may even take their own lives just to find a way out. This is an extremely sensitive and serious matter. They believe that the very system that’s there to protect them, fails them and that there’s no other way out. Broken by their brokenness, they are forced to do the unthinkable 

 If you have been a victim or are a victim of bullying, please speak to someone who you can trust. Tell someone how you’re feeling. You are not alone. There’s always someone to help, but unless you reach out, you may not get the help you need.   Unfortunately, some of the victims get so depressed and mentally imprisoned themselves in a world not know to others. They can become misunderstood by many who does not know or don’t acknowledge the signs of someone who is been bullied and who’s abused. if these victims do not get the help they do need, they can become the very same thing they hated. They, eventually over time become the villain. They can transform from a victim to a villain. Bullying is wrong, and bullying should not be tolerated by anyone.  Some bullies have, at one time, in their lives were bullied too.  I believe they need help as well. In order to understand the things they do to others, you’ll have the first dig deep into their past. Sadly, somewhere in their past is the root of it all.  Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable. On one should be discriminated against because of their religion, their race, their gender nor for anything that others don’t take the time to understand.  Everyone should have the right to be free.