I was never particularly brainy as a child and as I grew older I had to work hard to pass exams and get my degree. Even when I started work it took me a while to get used to the ins and outs of the job. But after 30years in an ever -evolving role, I was brilliant at my job and trained others to be great at doing their job too. I worked between Glasgow and London each week, a business suit wearer with 5 -inch heels. The job was full on and stressful but I had been in the industry for a long time so, it was all very familiar and comfortable. I was a past chair person of the Scottish region of my professional Institute and was well respected by my peers.

But out of the blue my company let me go and all of a sudden I was a different person. I had no business confidence. If I was asked a question I was never sure that I was giving the correct answer. I became scared of upsetting people by saying the wrong thing. I convinced myself that I wasn’t smart enough to be able to sell my skills or even to write professional documents (which I had done every day of my working life) All of this because I didn’t fit with the new model that my employers were introducing.

So, setting up a business was hard, even though I carried on doing the same type of work because that was all I knew. I struggled to be in control and constantly worried about whether I was doing the right thing, was my client getting value for their money? I did get clients and the business became established but after 3 and a half years I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I rebranded part of my business, got myself 3 business coaches and started reading business book to improve my knowledge and skills. I took my time and six months in, this new business is in far better shape than the original one could ever have been. I took each stage slowly thought it all through and now it is in great shape.

It’s really hard when someone says they don’t
want you, both personally and professionally, but there is always someone out
there who has been in the same position and who is willing to take you by the
hand and walk you through to an amazing future.