We’ve all had those times of going overboard with working. Going through drastic measures of dedicating time and energy to our work and obligated tasks. That constant desire to succeed and be as productive on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that we are human. That we can not work overtime, for a long time, without dealing with the consequences of too much. . .time. Work time, that is. Our bodies need rest, and they can only use so much energy at one time. We can only produce so much. Now, for many of the overachievers, there is enough incentive to go around.

Some of us are blessed with overwhelming, sufficient energy to go on for a little longer. And, even then, there is always that moment of. . .burning out. Uh, oh! Did I touch on a sensitive subject? And, most importantly, did that recently happen to you? No need to worry, my Dear work-a-holics. If you recently dealt with the big Burn. . .out, literally dealing with the consequences of overworking, and overstressed, then here are a few tips to bounce back. Rest and ensured, that, I too, recently dealt with my own, Big Burn. And, doing the work for personal rejuvenation paid off in the most holistic way. Let’s take a walk through our Burn Book Re-covery 101.


Do Nothing

That’s right! When you have burned yourself out, stop working! Yes! You have read that correctly. It makes no sense to try to burn energy that you, currently, do not have. When you are depleted all your energy reservoirs, its a big sign that its time for you to re-collect. Lay in bed. Take a few days off. Get comfortable. Just feel the joyful experience of allowing yourself to benefit from time’s stillness. Be still and allow your mind, body, and Spirit to do, absolutely. . .Nothing!


Cleanse Your Mind

Burning out is not just physical. Its also mental. Have you ever felt the pains of just thinking, or trying to think? Being unable to thinking of anything because the mental, nutritious energy has been depleted. It means you need a re-cycling of energy. Listening to natural music, poetry, and resting the mind (i.e. sleep) nurtures the mind. Making it receptive of the mental restoration that is needed.

Let Nature Feed You

Yes, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, spices, and organic things definitely helps to return you to that path of normalcy. Not only is this a great way of restoring your energy supply, but it also centers you in your natural element. Physically, you begin to feel better. Stuff yourself with holistic energy. Once you get back on track, let those moments assist you in what you should keep doing, once you have climbed yourself out of that burnout phase.

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Let Nature Hold You

Walks, gardening, planting a new garden, watering plants and flowers, or smelling the flowers. Yes! These are fabulous. Sitting inside of a flower garden greatly helps. Soaking up that natural energy, and all that comes with it, brings a re-freshness to our being. It restores our natural harmony and balance to the Earth. Furthemore, it is a reminder into how we should move and operate in our professional and personal lives. If we were to perform in our natural way, using work and activities as a source of re-juvenation and invigoration, perhaps we could avoid the burn-out process. . .altogether. Nevertheless, it is one area that can be returned back, should one lose their way on a stressful path.


Breathe and Meditate Nutriously

The circulation of energy is necessary for the healing process. This is especially true when you have reached your big burn. Breathe and circulate positive, refreshing, and pure energy throughout your system. Its the perfect anecdote in purging toxic energy from your Being. With stress comes toxic energy. Nevertheless, it gives one a sense of re-channeling the energy, while learning the meaning of replenishing one’s energy reserves. Healthy meditation exercises also allows for personal reflection-a unique form of centeredness. Meditative thoughts on what went wrong. Reflections on what has happened to the nourishment of one’s physicality and presence. How an emotional, psychological, and physical dysfunction has taken place. Getting to the root cause of this imbalance, and seeing how such can be avoided in the future!;)


Work Slowly

While you are working on your burnout recovery, make sure that you are being a little active. Remember, the key initiative is for you to work your way out of the burnout. Not to stay stagnant within it. A little bit goes a long way. Doing little things, and doing them while being in the comfort of holistic energy, is a wonderful way of working. It is the perfect time to practice working in a more holistic manner. Even things such as writing one’s thoughts and ideas is a healing regiment. Furthermore, its the perfect opportunity to plan out better methodologies in working, and healthier work practices.



Yes! We are coming back to this, again. Get used to not being tensed. Get used to allowing every part of you to feel what it means to allow your muscles to be relaxed. This is a perfect time in learning how to let time guide and heal you. Allowing time and joy to bring things into perspective is very imperative, in assisting with the recuperation process. This is also a perfect time to understand that relaxation teaches us not to worry. I can attest to the fact that worrying adds to our burnout phase. Its a great contributor to the stress factor. When you learn to just relax, and forget about the things you have no control over, life gets much simpler. It truly does. So, relax.

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One of the nutritious aspects of going through your personal burnout phase, is that you re-learn what you need to know, concerning work wellness. You learn to work healthier. You learn to work in a more natural way. A way that many of us, in the high-paced world of the professional realms, have forgotten to do. In the process of being able to get out of the burnout phase, we are empowered with the holistic tools, that we never knew existed within our personal power-before and after we were. . .burned!



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