Burnout seems to take from you one of the most valuable things: your passion. One friend in a sharing last week wrote: “I felt blank. Even at home. Yesterday in front of my favorite TV series, everything seemed to pass over my head. I did not get anything from it. I was absolutely absent”.

Me too! I remember the moment I recovered a bit from my burnout and started to think about what next, I was in complete anxiety! To be honest, all I wished was to do nothing while having a lot of money!

I was horrified coming back to work. The only thought of having to organized quality council meetings, which I usually did before, terrified me.

I tried first to change to another job. I applied for several roles. Each time, being called for an interview, I was very anxious. The reason? I would need to lie and show untrue motivation. And you guessed it, I never succeeded in changing my role. Every job just felt the same!

If you are something like me, after burnout, you probably do not either seem to have any passion. I knew it. It is extremely difficult to return to work and try to motivate yourself. Feel scared of the future? Don’t!

People advise you, for example, to find little pleasant things in your job. Or to feel gratitude that you still have a job and earn money.

It’s true that these small tips can help to stay in the same job.

However, to really make a big move forward, I have three suggestions for you. Apply and see if they make a difference.

First: Agree with yourself

You don’t want to do anything. It’s normal. No need to force yourself or try to overcome it.

During a long time, I tried to overcome this feeling. Because I was conditioned by the society that wanting to do nothing is not good.

But now I know. Having no passion is a moment in life that your whole self is trying to draw your attention to a fact. You’ve done enough. You want a break. So respect yourself and rest.

Second: Be patient!

Don’t panic and tell yourself: I need to move. Just do nothing. Wait and see. It might take a few weeks or a few months. It doesn’t matter.

Believe strongly that there is something after it. And you don’t need to worry about how and when it comes.

Third: Observe what you enjoy

Perhaps, even burned out, you still like Vietnamese food? Or you like fantastic movies? Surfing on Facebook? Playing tennis? Or even just watching clouds? I bet there must be something you still like to do!

Don’t think about passion as something big and great, and compare yourself with Marie Curiewho filtered tons of radioactive substances for her research!

Passions are indeed things you can do without recognizing that you spend hours.

But you might say: But I can’t pay my rent just doing these things!

Oh, in this case you will need some update about the digital economy. One can now earn full income from a passion. The world has changed. 9 to 5 jobs are not the only option.

Let’s take the example above. If you like Vietnamese food, you can sell rice noodles, share recipes, blog or make videos or photos about different dishes… All that to earn well your living!

Not convinced? Watch and inspire yourself by the story of Tim who became a millionaire by selling guitars on the net. You know what, he got bored of being a lawyer and just liked playing guitar!

In conclusion, how to wake up never have to work again? The answer I want to give you is: “Sure, it might not be overnight. But it is feasible”. Don’t be panic when you dream about doing nothing (like me!). Respect your feeling. Be patient. And life takes the time it needs for only the better if you truly believe so!

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