Is burnout depression?

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No, burnout is not the same as depression. But there is a correlation! Eurofound German study showed 59% of burned-out people also had an anxiety disorder.

Does burnout lead to unhealthy behavior?

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Not always! But… 63% of U.S. employees stated the stress from their job caused them to regularly engage in unhealthy behavior (Statista)

Is the biggest source of stress and burn-out workload?

Source: Statista

Yes, the most common sources of stress among adults in the United States include work, money, and health. And workload is one of the biggest. (Statista)

Burnout impacts more Europe than non-EU countries?

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No, the latest research showed an average of 10% of the EU+ workforce feels burned-out, against 17% of the non-EU countries.

So, did you see some of your myths resolved? One certain thing: let’s sit back and relax! We are not the only ones hit by burnout in the world!

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