Burnout can be a blessing, one day when you can look back. Now if you are still deep into it, you might find what I say strange. But believe it or not, it’s a perfect push for you to leave an uninspiring career. Or a reason for you to adopt a positive lifestyle change.

But why many never got over it even after years? Below are 3 simple mistakes that you might be doing without knowing it. Watch out!

Lost in burnout woes

It is normal to feel pain and despair when you are in a burnout situation. But let yourself lost in these negative feelings the whole day, day after day, is another thing.

I have a friend who joined a burnout Facebook group. “It was good to find people in the same situation”, she said, “But sometimes, hearing the same stories of despair just makes me feel sicker”.

Start by yourself seeking and bringing positive influence to the people that surround you. Today, try to be mindful of your own thoughts. Read positive quotes. Search for a more positive vibration.

How about starting your day with powerful mantras like this: ‘Things will always work out for me!’ Or ”I know I come to life to experience it. Life would be so boring without such an event!’ ‘Burnout is a chance for me to realise my best potentials”. Observe if you feel better!

Overlook small progress from your burnout

Sometimes, we expect to have a big leap forward. Change career, change family situation… Dramatic solutions can work. But sometimes, savouring small progress is indeed the best way to move out.

‘I had a good sleep, well done! I had a great time with my kids this afternoon without worrying about my grocery shopping, super! I did cut down two things to do on my list, good job!’. Take care of yourself by little victories.

All these small things will move you out greatly from your burnout without even noticing it. Small positive energy is like small streams that join a big river. So don’t forget to celebrate your success today, how small it can be!

Be too rushy for the future

Sometimes you will feel stuck and overwhelmed with impatience and despair. Rush to apply for another job simply because you feel stuck in the current place? Think that you need to have already now a plan for the coming months? Yes, it is normal to want to move out. I had the same feeling.

But sometimes taking time is the best alliance. Because undertaking too soon your projects, you might add more worries and fear in the current situation. They might draw you back. Be very patient and know with confidence that the post-burnout time will come. Ideas will come. Opportunity will show up. Just enjoy what you have right now, and I promise, you are on the right step!

‘Burnout to brillance’ is just a step away

The worst is indeed over when you’re in burnout. But it will only be so if you truly believe that. So watch out for three common mistakes that you might be doing without knowing it. Don’t let yourself lost in burnout woes, don’t underestimate small progress, and don’t rush and take on even more worries!

Will you think about it?

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