We’ve all been there. Tired. Stressed. OVER IT! We push ourselves to our absolute limit and consequently deal with depression, anxiety, and many other stress related health issues. But how do we stop that epidemic? QUIT YOUR JOB!

Most people who think about quitting their place of employment instantly cringe and/or have a panic attack when they think of the repercussions of making that decision. Who’s going to pay my bills? How am I going to live? I just can’t afford to take that risk!

I was just like this. I felt as if taking time for me and my mental health was going to ruin me as a person financially. Think about it. Choosing your health/sanity or financial freedom. I decided I was going to choose both. I was going to take that leap of faith and just quit!

Now before you drop your phone and think it’s impossible, here’s how I did it. Did I wake up one morning and quit with no game plan? Heck no! I made the decision and started saving. I knew I wanted to take 2 months off from work and I needed to find a way to do that. What did I do? Save! I decided if I lived frugally for 6 months, I could take 2 off. I put back every extra penny I had. This enabled me to take the leave I very much needed. 

Will this work for everyone? Absolutely not. Some employers will look at you absolutely crazy for even asking to take off for an extended period of time. However, the principle is still the same. The moment you feel burnt out, unusually stressed, and/or depressed. Decide to choose you over money! Choose you over needing to be there for others! Above all else choose you!