What every Business Owner and Executive should learn from this pandemic

Prior to the onset of madness that the pandemic brought I had clients that I was contracted to work with.  One of these owners happens to be in the medical field owning multiple medical practices in NYC. My other clients were in varied industries and other states.

There were commonalities for all of them that assisted with their development during the most challenging of times, allowing them all to come out on top!

  1. All of the business owners that I work with had the ability to keep their heads in the game vs. getting side-tracked. While the outside world was in a chaotic panic the owners and teams who I lead were able to keep their mindset in the proper place vs. getting caught up in the frenzy and fear. Laser focus was not an option.
  2. The rapid-fire business strategy became a very real thing! This is where having players on your field that are creative becomes very critical. Everything becomes about “SOLUTIONS” in a time of crisis.
  3. Every challenge no matter how big always brings opportunities for greater things. People need to be guided to find the next new path to success in business and in life at times. All of the companies in the various industries that I work with during this time became incredibly nimble and flexible which is required during times of rapid change. This became vital for their survival and also key for their growth!
  4. Each of the Executive Leadership and Owners were quick to seize the opportunities that came forth. This was a “Game Changer!” Examples: Telehealth, new remote work environments, system structures, that allowed the business to continue to flow, and team communications to stay in place. A tremendous amount of work was cultivated in a very short period of time in order to take the appropriate actions necessary to keep moving forward. These were all essential during times of mass panic. “FOCUS” and “MINDSET” was not an option for my clients. It was mandatory and I made no exceptions when it came to this!
  5. “TEAMWORK IS REQUIRED!” If you were an organization that already was fumbling in the area of teamwork this situation only brought more chaos to the forefront for you. Luckily, my clients had already been working at the onset of the pandemic in the area of team development. I know how crucial the team is to any organization’s success. Without everyone having the ability to work quickly, efficiently, and effectively together as one united force with the same goals these organizations would have failed regardless of all other efforts.  My client’s teams were able to maintain positive attitudes, with laser precision, and fierce determination to succeed. Persistence, loyalty, and dedication made the difference. I am proud to say that none of the workforce was cut in any organization that I work with. On the contrary, team members have been added to meet the demand of the current and now projected growth! My clients rose to the occasion and increased their business due to strategy, creativity, mindset, flexibility, and outstanding teamwork! I hope that all of you were able to seize the opportunity and I hope that this article serves to motivate you to continue doing it moving forward.