Drafting a good business essay is a specialized skill much sought after and a profitable realm of writing.

Understanding the objective of your essay and whom are you writing for is a necessity that must be addressed before you begin to write. Writing for the business domain is much different from other forms of academic writing thought it follows the same designated formats. Besides learning how to write effective essays, you also need to exhibit domain expertise on the business topic under consideration. Integrating both of them effectively is the ideal that you must reach.

Business component of your essay

Writing on business without understanding the rudiments of how a business operates is committing hara-kiri. Before drafting that essay, learn what you need to know about business. Given below are two keys to do just that. Understand and use them to make your essay on business stand out amongst others.

Key 1

Business is a specialized activity with its own language and syntax – learn it!
Writing in the language your readers understand is the smart way of communicating. When writing for business, speak the language of business. Become an ardent student and acquaint yourself with business terminology.

Key 2

Business only rewards results!

Business does not reward effort – only results. Your business essay must deliver the result it is drafted for. If your essay does not achieve this, you have failed. The way you present information or a perspective, given the proclivities and experiences of those who will read it – determines the outcome. Your success in writing for the business domain depends on how fast you comprehend this concept.

Writing essays that people read

After selecting a topic, frame the context in which the topic shall be addressed. Select a writing style based on the target market and the result that must be achieved through your essay. Write in detail and use keywords effectively in each paragraph to heighten reader participation.

Research extensively on business models, gather statistics and study different methods that will support the arguments propounded in your essay. Sharp critical and analytical abilities are a requisite for writing on business. Let your preparation reflect it.
Three stages of writing business essay…

Stage 1

Introduce the topic and your perspective. This is an information sharing stage where you prepare the readers to know enough about the topic to comprehend the strengths of different arguments when they are stated. List all relevant data here after ascertaining the validity of the data source.

Stage 2

This stage is the body of the essay where you put forth your perspective. Explain everything in detail backed by facts and figures. Construct all your arguments based on strong logical reasoning and provide alternative and opposing views while maintaining the consistency of your context.

Stage 3

Conclude your essay on business with a call for action. Explicitly state the actions the reader must take. Your success depends on how proactive the readers are to the messages of this section of your essay.


Given its relevance to your career and the endless opportunities awaiting a skilled writer in this domain, you owe it to yourself to gain the advantage in drafting excellent business essay. Maintain the momentum on what you have learnt so far by drafting an essay – now!