I often stumble upon articles listing out the year’s most successful or powerful women. Every time I see the portraits of these women I smile to myself and imagine how, if I was ever honored with one of the awards, they would be able to fit all 55 glamour shots of our employees in the photo —with windblown hair and all, of course.

My success story is not my own. My personal experience in business has been much more aligned with the phrase “it takes a village” —or, rather, it takes one big, loving, hardworking family. 

Growing up in a family of seven, we did everything together. Whether it was carne asadas or family workouts in our backyard, decorating the Christmas tree for our favorite holiday, or hopping in the Ford Bronco for a family road trip. After I was diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions, it was my family who helped me find hope. 

After years of battling a progressive and sometimes isolating disorder, my entire family joined me on my health journey and we adopted a grain-free diet together. Their love and support encouraged me to be inventive in the kitchen, to make grain-free products that taste good and I felt good eating.

So, years later, when my family and I sat down to create the values for Siete Family Foods, we wrote down all the things we believe in: family, doing everything with love, and doing things together. It was in that gathering that we put into words the value we had practiced our whole lives, but never vocalized, “Juntos es Mejor,” or “together is better.” It was my grandma, with her hospitable and inviting nature, who instilled the importance of togetherness into our family. My most fulfilling moments are those that I’ve shared with others. And, because togetherness means so much to us, we hope that our foods inspire others to gather in the company of friends, family or strangers. 

Family means more than relatives and the people we grew up with. Over the last five years, our Siete family has multiplied beyond the seven family members we grew up with. We always knew we wanted to bring different people with different ideas, opinions, backgrounds, and skills into the Siete family. Each of these attributes are valuable and help contribute to our playful and diverse company culture. When we continuously strive to be inclusive, we have more victories to celebrate, struggles to empathize with, and opportunities to challenge ourselves. Not to be cliche, but I earnestly believe that Siete would not be what it is today without each individual who is a part of this family.

Thanks to this family, we’ve created a community that has played a significant role in my personal and ongoing journey to wellness. I’ve been empowered to embrace an alternative diet without feeling distant from my culture. People from all over have shared their stories with me and created a network of extended family through our mutual love for clean, flavorful food.

Juntos es Mejor means getting to work alongside family and friends. It’s enabled me to thrive and achieve success in my life, and share it with others. 


  • Veronica Garza


    Siete Family Foods

    Siete Family Foods is a better-for-you Mexican-American food brand that offers grain free chips, tortillas, and an expanding lineup of heritage-inspired products. Siete is on a mission to bring people together to experience the flavors and traditions that united the Garza family on their journey to health. The company is based in Austin, Texas.  With the $90million investment earlier this year, The Garza Family is committed to keeping the ethos and family values that makes Siete so great, but looks forward to being able to grow the team (plans to double again this year), create more products and impact the lives of even more people.  They also want their story to inspire others to invest in Latino-owned business (who are often underfunded).


    Siete was founded in 2014 by siblings Veronica and Miguel Garza and their mother Aida Garza. After being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders as a teenager, Veronica adopted a grain free, low inflammation diet, to combat the often-debilitating symptoms. Her entire family of seven (siete) joined her on this journey, but as a Mexican-American family from South Texas, following a grain free diet meant that they were missing out on staples of their diet such as tortillas and chips. To remedy this problem, Veronica began experimenting with grain free recipes her whole family could enjoy, developing the almond flour tortilla, Siete’s first product. The company is still family-owned and operated by all seven members of the Garza family. They are passionate about making and sharing real food, gathering together in authentic community, and advocating for healthier lifestyles among Latino families.