Of course, every one of us would love to become their own boss at some point. However, many fail to understand that the business world doesn’t have to be boring and that they don’t have to choose among conventional professions to build a career in that particular field.

Instead, in this day and age, you can choose to become literally anything, as long as you have something of value to offer and as long as there are people interested in what you do. So, let’s venture deeper into the world of unique and inspirational business ideas and find out more about them.

Mobile cat cafe

The Moon Cat Cafe is the first ever mobile cat cafe that combines two things that many people basically adore: cats – or rather kittens – and coffee. This cafe operates out of a big step van that is renovated and modernly decorated. The great thing is that the kitty section of the cafe is completely separate from the sitting area, but you can enter it – once you’re sanitized – and hang out with furry little fun balls you can even choose to adopt! This business combines the unconventional, useful and humane all in one. Of course, you don’t have to opt solely for kittens – if puppies are more up your alley, you’re welcome to give it a try.

The doll hospital

All of us have a favorite childhood toy that has probably seen better days. So, instead of stashing them away in some dark basement, you can choose to take them to so-called doll hospital where experts will do their best to try and make the necessary repairs and restore some of – or all of – your childhood friend’s old shine. This is a fun little business idea that will allow you to express your creativity and put smiles back on people’s faces.

The Something store

Yes, you read that correctly, The Something store is a business that you send $10 to and they send you something in return. That something can be literally anything – from clothes and accessories to gadgets and even a cool book. This idea combines low prices with an element of surprise – it’s like getting a gift every time you order because you never know what you’re gonna get. So, if this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, try to give this business idea your unique touch.

All things vintage

The popularity of vintage items is constantly on the rise. Therefore, you can consider trading in all things vintage. Be it various vintage figurines, luxurious vintage rugs, elaborate vintage lighting fixtures or simply vintage clothes, you’ll definitely find an interested crowd in no time. This business idea even allows you to collaborate with some other professionals, such as interior designers and antique dealers.

Mowing goats

Yes, again, you read that right. If you have goats, you can rent them to companies or people who want to mow their lawns but don’t wish to pollute the environment. Google is one of the most famous users of such a service and they hire about 200 goats to mow the land surrounding their California headquarters. So, if you have these beautiful animals, you can choose to rent them out and do something useful for both them and the environment.

Custom-made gifts

If you are crafty and have a good eye for detail, you can choose to specialize in making custom gift baskets and gift cards. This business idea is currently on the rise in popularity as people have less and less time to go searching for “the perfect gift” so they tend to let someone else do the job for them. The best thing is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and the investment this business idea requires is basically minimal.

Mobile beauty service provider

Many people simply don’t have the time to go to a beauty salon and get their hair, nails, lashes or eyebrows done. If makeup and beauty are your thing, you can choose to open a mobile beauty salon. You can even combine this idea with cab-like services and make your clients pretty and dashing on their trip to the place they’re headed.


This business idea is pretty simple and all it requires is a brick and mortar store and, of course, shelves. You can open up a store where people will rent a shelf for some period of time where they can display things they wish to sell, but do not actually have the time to do so. You can choose which items you want to welcome in your store and determine the price for the time period a shelf will be rented out. Additionally, you can offer your customers benefits in terms of the shelf prices – the longer the time period they want to rent for, the lower the price.

As you can see, the modern business world is full of unique opportunities. You just need to determine what is it you wish to do, research the market and launch your business.