Creating a company part of business ideas indicating the viable opportunity for this. In a very comprehensive view, an idea appears as a response to a need identified in a given market. This market does not explicitly define which product you need; it only allows you to detect a need. It is up to the individual to develop a capacity for detailed attention to identifying business opportunities.

Some individuals have a well-developed creative aspect that allows them to business ideas to emerge very quickly. However, entrepreneurship requires much more than finding a plan that can generate a lot of profit. These need to be significant enough to somehow change the world through a significant economic, social or environmental impact. Now, the challenge lies in identifying business ideas.

Interests and hobbies

Hobbies are activities that a person likes to exercise during their free time. They represent one of the most common sources of business ideas among entrepreneurs. There are several types of hobbies that have a high chance of becoming a successful business, so it just depends on the person analyzing the needs he feels in one of his hobbies and trying to reconcile with his skills.

Identifying needs

Another way to obtain business ideas is to identify needs. That is problems that society may experience and that there are no clear procedures to follow or necessary resources to solve this problem. This detection can be derived from a situation experienced entrepreneur himself or arise in a conversation between family and friends, for example. It usually takes on a strong innovative character.

Identification shortages

Business ideas can also arise through products or services already on the market, and it is a widespread practice. Given the current solutions, the entrepreneur may see possible improvements to these that guarantee added value. These can be changes to the packaging design, an alternative with a more affordable price, new features, among many other options.

Trend analysis

It is not possible to assertively predict the future, but an essential source for identifying business ideas is through trend analysis. The evolution data of the economic indicators, demographics and other activities will allow the entrepreneur to predict what the market will evolve in the future and thus, identify business opportunities. It is necessary to pay attention to changes in the industry or market since they are dynamic and continually evolving and changing. Likewise, please pay attention to changes in the perception of your audience, as they change their opinion about the products consumed over time.

Another way for an entrepreneur to keep up with current trends is through the media including television, radio, magazines and newspapers and the internet through social networks or digital versions of traditional methods. They are an excellent source of an innovative ideas, information and opportunities.

Import from existing success elsewhere

There is a mindset that all existing successful Businesses started from a new idea, addressing solutions never thought of before. Now, this does not correspond to the truth; in fact, few entrepreneurs create Business through thoughts of this kind.

An entrepreneur can create your own Business bringing ideas that have developing in other countries or regions and that do not yet exist in your country or region. However, for this to be successful, it must verify whether the idea adapts to the environment where the Business is going to be developed, making adjustments to the concept if necessary.

Personal and professional experiences

Many entrepreneurs have their business ideas derived from their current or past professional occupation as well as their own experiences. The starting point of a business must always be the customer, as these are the reason why the entrepreneur will develop his product.

Now, ideas can be developed based on customer requests, solutions designed by the competition or the experience of distributors regarding their customers’ unmet needs and desires.

Fairs and congresses

Finally, the definitive source of business ideas mentioned here is the national and international entrepreneurship meetings. These are made up of shows, congresses, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, among many others and allow entrepreneurs to get to know, for example, new services or products, sales representatives, franchisors, distributors.

These events are advantageous for an entrepreneur because it allows the sharing of vision and knowledge of Business. Consequently, it improves the chances of identifying a successful business idea.

In short, there are no limited ways in which a business idea can emerge. Either almost spontaneously, when realizing a need that not met personally or professionally, or proactively looking for purposes, it is necessary to remember that entrepreneurs do what many people do not do – they do something about their ideas.


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