Recent newlywed friends tried the popular nomadic working lifestyle for one month after their honeymooning, trying out lovely Costa Rica. They hoped to really test out the new lifestyle work option; one is a business strategy coach, and the other a writer and speaker. Both have modern careers where connectivity is the critical asset they provide with availability for daily calls and video calls with clients. Sadly they did not research the location for wifi and cafes closely enough and it made for a very frustrating experience in paradise. Hence our article about how connectivity trumps information/knowledge in this modern work environment. 

Have you tried to work nomadically?

What work connectivity hacks have you tried?

What are your experiences with connectivity in your remote work?

We’re no longer bound by cubicles, desktop computers, and conventional business work knowledge. Connectivity is the new Golden Rule… if you have it you can be a ruler!


We wanted to look at three areas where connectivity in business is critically more important than knowledge in business now. We’ll look at cloud-based documents (Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, etc.), wireless connections (wi-fi or mobile data) and online platforms (Linkedin, Gmail, Facebook, etc.). When you possess connectivity to these top three core business assets to really make things productive, efficient and scale for growth!

To frame this discussion, Zen Hustlers parent company, Brick House Media Co helps small business leaders and companies leverage these online “connected” assets to help grow their own companies. Some call it growth-hacking techniques, but honestly… it’s becoming standard operating procedures now.

main in clouds

Brick House Media helps clients create core Google documents; an account media master doc and an online strategy planning doc with embedded calendar links. By making these core docs available via Google Docs, they are able to access them from any computer or mobile device/tablet, as needed. Offering clients and their services the ability to be nimble, dynamic, timely and hyper-efficient in the times of need. Their clients love this, gain efficiencies and get hyper-organized!

Real World Example: We needed to share to our Instagram channel at a live event, by accessing our Media Master Google Doc, we could share the accounts with our event managers… so they could share more assets online in real time!

— BHMC Client
 Careful not to get salt water in the keyboard... rookie beach business guy move! 
Careful not to get salt water in the keyboard… rookie beach business guy move!

We have all experienced the feeling of being “out of range” or disconnected, (wifi range anxiety) whether it is due to loss of signal or even worse, a dead battery! Think about all the access you lose; GPS, email, text, phone and those lovely cloud docs. Losing this ability can really kill productivity and efficiency. We’ve had days when the wi-fi dies and it literally feels like a fire alarm… so go outside and get some sunshine. We recommend daily walks and breaks any home, phone free!

PRO TIP: Get a spare battery for the phone or better yet a small USB charger and phonecable. Also see if your phone can create a hotspot for those pesky wi-fi deadzones.

— Jared Brick
Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.10.53 PM.png
What a joke!

Many modern businesses can run business now via Linkedin, Facebook Messenger and all the suite of Google services like Gmail, Hangouts, Maps, Youtube (yeah owned by Google) and of course web search. If we can access these connected platforms, we can create, share, communicate plus reach out for new business leads. More and more clients are now sending companies messages on Linkedin, Facebook and even SMS text messages (a massive growth trend). Gone are the days of the everyday: phone call, in-person meeting (although extremely highly effective), traveling far distances to shake hands (again super valuable). By really getting savvy at leveraging these online platforms you can run a successful online business… yes, the future is today!

Thanks to Google Images for always providing stock images of business on the beach!

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