OMG, I’m so amazed at the amount of business, organizations, and ministries that are dealing with business shame.

I’m guessing your first thought is, what is business shame? I’m glad you ask because I’m here to share it with you. Business shame is conscious awareness of something that has happened in a company that the CEO, Partner, President, Executive Director or Owner of a company deems as dishonorable, improper, or discreditable.

Now that you know what business shame is, let’s talk about what it looks like how it’s impacting your business.

Let’s say you are the CEO of Freedom Empire and business was slow for and cash flow was even slower. As the CEO you rolled out some new programs and products, you laid off some staff members and you closed several locations, all in the attempt to increase cash flow for Freedom Empire. To your dismay, none of these things worked and things only seemed to get worst. You hired an accountant and auditor to review the company books because you wanted to apply for a business loan. The audit was complete, the verdict was in, and the company qualified and received a $15,000 loan. You were relieved, and without guidance, you spent the money as you saw fit. One year later the company was back in the same situations, cash flow was at a standstill despite all your efforts and this time the company is faced with bankruptcy.

How did the company get to bankruptcy and how did you get there. You have a lot of questions and no answers, a lot of knowledge but no wisdom, and a lot of experience but no lessons learned. The business shame is taking a toll on your life and business. No one knows the company is about to fall apart, but you, and you have tried everything possible to keep it together but is breaking down daily and so are you as the CEO, Partner, President, Executive Director or Owner. Where do you go and whom can you turn to, you wonder to yourself? Is there anyone who understands this level of pain? What will “they” say if “they” knew my business has been existing in shame and is in financial ruins? The thoughts consume you and the pain intensifies because you believe if “they” knew “they’ wouldn’t like you or do business with you again or “they” may even talk about you. You drown in the silence of your business shame and hope that someday it will get better, something will change. You try and try and try but things remain the same. You want out of the business shame, you want off the merry-go-round, you want to let someone in but every time you are ready to talk, shame consumes you and causes you to stay silent.


You are now thinking wow that’s a crazy story and how did she know I’m currently in this situation? I know because I’ve been there before and after years of being stuck in business shame I got out. Your next logical thought would be, how did you get out, what did you do? As before I’m glad you asked and I’m here to share with you the 3 step process to move out of business shame into making your millions.

  • First Step- Admitted you as the CEO, Partner, President, Executive Director or Owner is has been ineffective in changing the course of the business.
  • Second Step- Believe that a business coach, consultant or mentoring could support you in restoring your business to being profitable.
  • Decide to allow a business coach, consultant or mentor to come into your business and allow them to provide you with guidance, knowledge, and wisdom to help make your business profitable again.

This can’t be it, it’s too simple and I must say it is simple, but it may not be easy. The truth is the only way for your business to move through the shame is to allow someone into it with you. It has to be the right person, someone who understands where you are and is willing to work with you to get you to where you desire to be.

That someone doesn’t have to be me, but it needs to be a coach that truly understands your business and the place it’s in, otherwise, the coaching will be for nothing.

Don’t continue to let business shame be the thing that’s stopping you from receiving millions.