Africa is a beautiful continent, rich in natural resources and talented entrepreneurs. Many businesses are doing good in the country, from partnering with local farmers to creating technology to make life easier for people living in remote regions. The following are just a few of the companies working hard to improve the area. 


Strawberries are a popular crop grown around the world. However, only four countries in the African continent grow them. However, global demand for the fruit is growing, so the creators of FraiSen decided to launch a strawberry business in Senegal. 

This local business helps stimulate the country’s economy, as well as fulfill demand around the world. Thanks to La Délégation Générale à l’Entreprenariat Rapide – the Senegalese government fund for entrepreneurialism, the company was able to increase its operations and offer a seed-funding plot for every additional smallholder strawberry farmer who joined FraiSen. 


Counterfeit goods are a problem around the world, including the African continent. mPedigree is helping solve this problem. They’ve developed a system that embeds a unique code into the label of a product. Buyers can take the code on the label and text it to a manufacturer to verify that the product is authentic. Now the company is active in 12 countries, and it partners with some of the biggest pharmaceutical brands in the world. They work together to identify counterfeit medicines. Agricultural brands have also started using the project to trace seed and other agricultural products in Africa. 

Copia Global

Many people in rural Kenya have difficulty making their way to physical shopping centers. Copia, an e-commerce company, is looking to make online shopping easier for everyone. They have a network of 5,000 community-based agents in place. These agents earn a commission by placing orders for Copia’s customers and then delivering them. Thanks to the group’s logistics network, the majority of clients receive their products within 48 hours. 

DCK International

DCK International was based in Kenya and Europe. Created by Jan Bonde Nielsen, the group used cutting edge agricultural techniques, grew to over five million cultivated square meters of land, and employed 7,000 people. Thanks to the company, the flower industry grew so much that it developed a new sustainable industry in Kenya. Now the industry is one of Kenya’s largest foreign exchange-earners. The sector has an export value of over a billion dollars. DCK was so successful it was recognized by The World Bank as an excellent development project. 

These are just four of the countless businesses working to improve agriculture, commerce, and more in Africa.