Bill Gates is 100% on point with this confronting statement. 

I first wrote (and published) this article almost a year ago, but given the craziness going on right now, I wanted to update it and share it again…

Because it astounds me that we’re still getting this so completely and utterly wrong!

When you’re busy being busy, you miss out. Plain and simple. You miss out on doing the things you love to do. 

Time with your family, time just for you. Time to enjoy those little things that provide infinite fulfilment. Those things that consume you to the point that you’re 100% focused on the moment – living the moment!

So when you’re busy, you’re missing out on living the epic life YOU truly want. I get it, I’ve been there myself. I’m not judging. It’s an easy trap to find yourself in…

Working those continuous long hours at work in an important job. Making sacrifices in the other areas of your life. Like home and play.  Work starts to consume you. It gets the best of you…

To make matters worse, we’re constantly told to hustle and grind to get ahead. To invest all our available time, and then some, into making it work. To cram as much into each day as we possibly can. 

There’s the ‘5am club’, the ‘work through lunch club’, the ‘miss dinner with the family club’…

But why?  Why fight a battle against time?  Because no one beats time…EVER!

Let’s face this head on and tell it how it is…

Being the last to leave the office is not cool.  Working more hours than everyone else does not make you better.  It’s just mindless hustle and grind! 

You end up chasing status, chasing ‘success’. And for what?  A few fleeting moments of glory…at what cost? 

Your health, relationships, freedom and fulfilment. 

Will you reflect on all this ‘amazing success’ and smile when you’re on your death bed?  How will it reward you? 

I’ll hazard a guess here…

With a sense of emptiness, regret and missed opportunity. That you’ve spent your time living someone else’s life. What’s the point of living, if you don’t actually live? Isn’t that just a waste… 

Surely that’s missing the whole point of life and living?

For me, life is about making it count.  Creating experiences and memories. Making an impact at work, home and play. Having fun along the way…

Build something special that really matters, and absolutely commit to it. But also commit to you, your health, your family, your freedom, your fun and your fulfilment.

Don’t spend your time chasing arbitrary numbers that someone plucked out of the air at a Tuesday morning meeting…

Chase targets that matter to you (when no one is watching or paying attention). Like growth…experiences with your family and friends, personal development, doing things you didn’t think you could do…

Whatever it may be for YOU. The key here being YOU. Not what others think YOU should do. But what YOU want to do!

Create memories that make YOU smile now AND in 30 years time.

Celebrate the output, not a series of stupid inputs that see you sacrificing home and play just to make it at work. Life is about truly living. And thriving.

Over the last 7 and a half years I’ve worked with thousands of men to help them create previously unimaginable levels of success, freedom and fulfillment. Most of these men were too busy being busy (and chasing ‘success’) to actually find and get what they wanted. 

And what I’ve discovered is that the simplest and best way to make that monumental shift from busy to living and thriving is…

Define your PURPOSE

Get clear on your PASSION (s) and what you want

Discover your SUPERPOWERS (who you are) 

And then combine them to generate your unique EPIC VALUE.

Value that you can apply in all that you do – at work, home and play. 

But let’s look specifically at the work component of your life for a minute. 

It’s likely you trade your time for money right now. So if you want more money, you have to sacrifice time at home and play. That’s a significant cost right.

I’m sure it’s what prompted your long hours at work in the first place. And it’s taking you away from what you really love. 

Once you create your epic value and learn how to apply it at work, you can completely change your life, and that of your family – beyond your wildest dreams. 

And if you’re so inclined, you can also change the world!

The game-changer here is trading your value for money. 

Imagine that? 

Not having to sell your soul and your time to create money (and remember money isn’t the goal, but it does enhance your ability to create memories and experiences).

You then find yourself with an abundance of time that you can invest in creating success, freedom and fulfillment… 


Sounds epic right…

Life is your journey. What you do (and why) and how you do it.

The value you can create and share with the world!

Focus on this value.

And the experiences and memories you create along the way.

Be epic…

Because then everyone wins.

Banish busy, it really is the new stupid!