There is never a good moment to stop being busy. Being busy is so addictive that sucks you into it’s depths in the manner that you don’t know you are drowning.

There truly is no finish line in the “busyness” race unless deliberately minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day a conscious effort is made to break the viciousness of the circle.

Busyness is a thief that burglarize one’s life and those next to him/her. The “victim” pays a high price but so those around. See — someone’s busyness — either perceived as necessity or a conscious choice — does not ask for permission to enter — it walks all over those who are told they have no right to protest because………the list of excuses is endless and boundlessly does not prevent “the busyness” from sneaking in and taking away every tad of privacy and intimacy and changing significantly any relationship dynamic.

Before you know it; you eat dinners with strangers you never met, you go to bed with people you don’t even know the name and you travel with crowds who are not even your followers…..

You never seem to be alone although you seem to be very lonely…….

Originally published at on October 9, 2017.

Originally published at