For owners of pets, additional criteria you must be taken into account when you buying a vacuum cleaner: it must be suitable for your little companions. We are also beginning to find specialized brands for the extraction of animal hair from several brands. Conversely, you should not automatically eliminate a vacuum cleaner that would not clearly show its ability to suck animal hair in its name, but that would offer interesting characteristics like Dreame V11 cordless stick vacuum have. This buying guide will help you when choose a vacuum cleaner that will coincide as harmoniously as possible with your pet.

Little reminder on performance

It is not because you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for pets that you should forget the classic criteria that make a vacuum cleaner a good model. Whatever your need, good suction performance is essential. Then you must need to buy Dreame V11 cordless stick vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner – Energy Labeling summary, the energy label which is now mandatory provides clear information on the performance of a vacuum cleaner, with in addition to energy efficiency two very useful points:

  • The cleaning performance on carpets, rated from A to G.
  • The cleaning performance on hard floors, rated from A to G.

This information is based on tests under conditions controlled by regulation and therefore allows you to have reliable information to compare the vacuum cleaners that interest you between them. These notes, therefore, allow the first selection of vacuum cleaners according to the types of floors in your house.

Accessories for collecting animal hair

Good suction power is essential, but it is not always sufficient to pick up animal hair that nestles everywhere and in particular in carpets and rugs. To facilitate the collection of this dog or cat hair, the majority of pet vacuum cleaners have at least one suction head with a mechanized brush. It is mostly a turbo-brush, which is driven by the airflow.

The noise level

The noise level of a vacuum cleaner is always an important selection criterion, and it becomes even more so when you have animals. Vacuums that are too noisy tend to terrify dogs and cats, so don’t add to them.

Today, it is compulsory for manufacturers to indicate the noise level of their products on energy labels. Good vacuum cleaners have a sound level below 70 dB, which is more bearable for everyone (including humans!).

Level of filtration and hygiene

When you have a pet, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner with a high level of filtration to clean the air. This is even truer for people with allergies or asthma since the hairs and dust brought home by your little companion can carry allergens and bacteria.

Some pet vacuums are additionally equipped with odor filters, which is great to avoid bad animal odors that may appear over time. For hygienic reasons, you must also avoid coming into contact with its dust when emptying the bag or bin.