Before the Thrive Challenge I was a person who didn’t care about what I was eating or drinking. It got to the stage where it became difficult for me to walk long distances, and I discovered I had gained some weight. I heard about the Thrive Challenge from my friend Sunday Oguntoyinbo, who was a grand prize winner. So I decided to try it for myself.

The first thing I did was to start sleeping better.

I started going to bed earlier. When it’s eight o’clock, I turn off my phone and then I’m in bed by nine o’clock. I now get nothing less than eight hours of sleep every night. This has helped my physical health and my mental health.

I also started eating better and exercising more.

And I made my kids join me. I stopped buying junk food for me and my kids. We’ve learned to eat more healthy food. My favorites are mixed veggies and fruit salad. My kids also love it, and we eat it almost every day. I now get to spend more time with my kids in the kitchen and exercising — it’s all fun, all the way. And I’ve lost 25 pounds. The Thrive Challenge changed my health. Before, if I tried to walk even a little, I’d be breathing heavily. But now I can walk a long distance, and even run!

I’m saving money for my kids’ education.

I’m able to spend less money, because I don’t buy junk food and I prepare the food we eat. Now I’m able to save money. Before, I used to spend all my money thinking my kids could get grants or loans for their college education, but the Thrive Challenge made me understand that it’s good to save for their education so they won’t be in debt in early adulthood.

The Thrive Challenge has made me more courageous.

I think more positively now, and I’m appreciating the people around me. The Thrive Challenge is the best thing that ever happened to me, because it changed my life in so many ways. Life is full of ups and downs. People have a lot of stress. But when you read the stories in the Thrive Challenge, you will be lifted up. I will never stop telling people about The Thrive Challenge — I love it!

— Yetunde Ishola, Walmart Customer, Mechanicsburg, PA; $5K Winner