By Sally Dasouki – Life can sometimes get Awkward when it comes to relationships. It is very difficult to figure out who to trust and how long will a relationship work. A strong bond can also turn out to be really dramatic sometimes and may lead to breakage. Being selfless in a relationship is a tough job after all. However, there is one relationship that will never confuse you or cause any drama: the relationship with your dogs. Dogs are truly a man’s best friend and they will never fail to be there for you. Let us look how is having a dog the best feeling ever.

Dog - Sally Dasouki

They Figure out if you are having a gloomy day- When you are surrounded by blues, they provide the best cuddle buddy. They stay close and provide a comfort unmatched to any human. You will not notice how quick they are in changing your gloominess into morning sunshine.

Best Gossip Buddies- You can tell and anything and everything to your dog without even thinking once. They will listen to all your gossips and won’t even share to anyone else. They would also respond occasionally while you narrate your part making you feel that you are being heard.

They stick around all the time– No matter what the situation is they stick around all the time, throughout the day and night, at the times of celebration and grief, with people or without them. They make you feel loved and wanted.

They protect you- They judge the danger coming towards you and stand in front to fight it back. They are the warriors that will fight anything to protect you even to their dying breath.

If you don’t own a dog, it is just as effective to borrow someone else’s furry friend for a day to get your fix. This is an advice from Sally Dasouki to all the people out there who need a true friend badly.

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