All our important events are incomplete without capturing those cherished moments. However, we usually use a personal mobile camera to capture beautiful scenes. Still, we need professional photographers or videographers to cover our memorable events like birthdays, weddings, etc., and for celebrity photoshoots. 

So, when it comes to the best photographer and videographer, only one name comes to our mind, and that is none other than Caleb Serban-Lawler. He is just an ordinary person and was born on December 7, 1999, in San Diego, CA. Although he doesn’t have enough guidance, Caleb has big dreams that he wants to follow. So he started his journey as an entrepreneur and artist manager and soon gained fame as a celebrity photographer and videographer.

Even after succeeding in his field, Caleb was not satisfied; he thinks he missed out and continues to struggle until one day he made his way to Hollywood. This was his most tremendous success. The day he got to Hollywood was a proud day for him. He finally achieved his first goal. 

Getting into Hollywood was not easy for Serban-Lawler. He worked hard to work his way up from his beginnings as a production assistant. Later, he began climbing the stairs of success and started producing content for some top A-list celebrities.

Although Caleb is now in a great position, still a hidden talent within him keeps tickling his desire to start his career as an actor. At first, he was confused, but since he gained so much experience and confidence in the industry, he gave himself a break and started his acting career after appearing in the TV mini-series titled “The Hat: Viral Spots.”

Caleb has not stopped; he still has a long way to go and has achieved a lot, even in a short time. He is not unknown to anyone, and people admire Caleb for his talent, acting, and the trends he always comes up with. Caleb’s unique designer clothes and luxurious style have inspired many souls. His upbeat, energetic, and unforgettable red carpet appearances certainly do not go unnoticed.

Caleb started with short performances but soon gained a massive following after collaborating with artists like Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Team 10, Faze Rug, and David Dobrik. 

It seems like a few years, but in reality, Caleb has struggled for years to make his way in the celebrity industry. He has gained over 120 thousand followers and over 4 million likes on TikTok.

He is an amazing multi-talented person, and that is not an exaggeration. It is true that besides his amazing skills in filming and photography, he is also very good at gymnastics. He has won several national championships in gymnastics. Not only that, but he has also set several world records, especially between 2014 and 2015.

So Caleb is a person who comes in a package of multi-talents. He is not only famous for his skills but also for his amazing human nature. If you want to explore more about him, please follow him further. Follow him on Website, Instagram: @calebserbanlawler, TikTok: @calebserbanlawlerr