Parenting nowadays is no easy feat. With the advent of smart technology and everything literally being a finger tap away, it has become difficult for parents to keep up with their children and especially their online activity.

As kids grow up, they become rather protective of their space and privacy. It is rather normal for kids, when they enter teenage, to keep secrets from their parents. But it is essential that a line has to be drawn regarding the extent of their share of privacy. Although it is necessary that kids are encouraged to have their own thoughts, build an identity and be able to take decisions on their own without parents hovering their shoulders all the time, but parental control is a must to a certain age. When talking about the internet and smart devices, you simply cannot let them be on their own. The main thing kids want to hide from their parents is their social media activity. 

What is there to hide exactly? It is not really a private place and if not controlled, kids will literally upload anything they want out there. It is for hundreds of people to see. You never know how the seemingly innocent statuses, check-ins, and pictures could be used against you.

Social media, how people react to the posts and pictures that you share has a lot to do with self-esteem nowadays as well. For the kids at least. They want to be liked and noticed by people and if they do not get enough likes, they get disturbed. But don’t want to come under their parents’ radar. For them, the internet is like a free-will land where they can be whoever they want, do whatever they like and talk to whoever people. For them, it is a place without parental control. For most of the kids, the internet is a space where the kids can upkeep a whole new identity their parents don’t know about. This could lead to rather reckless behavior and parents worry and get scared for the right reasons.

The digital times we are living in today calls for digital parameters and guidelines for parenting. Every child goes through the tough phase of adolescence, but it is not only the kids who suffer from the various hormonal, psychological and physical changes. Parents don’t have it easy either and with the growing digital dangers and threats out there, they have no other option but to keep a close eye on their children. While doing so, the issue of privacy arises. As far as spying or monitoring is concerned, there is a fine line between both of them.

The beloved digital device of today, one’s smartphone, has the same importance as that of a diary. And as nobody would want anyone to read their diary except them, same is the case with smartphones. But smartphones are a lot more than a secret diary. Whether its kids or adults, no one wants anyone going through their smartphone. So, does that mean that 12 or 13-year-olds should be left on their own? Should be allowed to access whatever they want on the internet and share whatever personal detail they feel like for the world to see? Absolutely not. As technology is progressing at a rapid speed, so are the technological threats and digital dangers. 

There is no way of knowing how loyal or real a person is on the internet. Young kids being the naïve creatures they are, cannot do without parental supervision and appropriate guidelines regarding internet usage. Therefore a large number of parents have taken to monitoring apps. Xnspy being a popular choice because of its variety of features and ability to control, lock and access the activity taking place of the child’s phone remotely.

Children need to be kept safe from harmful, abusive and inappropriate content on the internet. The dynamics we are dealing with right now are massive and therefore filtration of the content the children can access and see is of utmost importance. Parents should know about it and kids do not tell you everything that’s why it comes under the parental duties. It is not spying but monitoring. Kids today are greatly affected by social media. The internet is a playfield for cyber bullies, scammers, harassers as well as thieves. Whatever your child puts out there, could be used against him. Hundreds of cases of cyber bullies and harassers have surfaced that led kids to the edge and in taking extreme measures. And at the same time, a large number of unfortunate incidents have been avoided thanks to monitoring apps including Xnspy parental monitoring app that has allowed the parents to intervene on time.

Xnspy allows parents to access all the activity on the monitored cell phones like what they do on the internet and are they indulging in save internet behavior or not. Such monitoring apps are quite the solution to the parents with growing tweens and teens as it allows them to know what their kids are up to. Parents could use Xnspy to keep an eye on their kids to make sure they are safe and are away from the digital harms like bullying, grooming, predators, etc. Once they have grown up, parents could sit back and let them take complete hold of their lives. But before that, parents should not stop looking out for their kids as it is just a protective measure.


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