In life, there are always all sorts of unexpected things will find you, do not worry, trying to calm his mind, maintaining the status quo, you may wish to retrieve from the following self.


Sometimes you are misunderstood & you do not want to argue, so choose silence. You don’t need everyone to know you, so you don’t have to explain it to the world. It’s good to be true to yourself.


When you fall into the bottom of your life, everyone around you tells you: Be strong and happy.

Strong is absolutely necessary, but happy, in this case, I am afraid it is too difficult for you. After all, who can be happy when it’s overwhelming, but you can at least be calm.

Look at it calmly and calmly handle the matter.

Bend over

Disagreements with others and even cause verbal conflicts, go home and wipe the floor. Rub a piece of rag, bend over, knees on the ground, wipe clean every corner of the floor in front of you. Sometimes you have to learn to bend over because this action can make you humble. While working your body, you also polished your mood.

Don’t think “if ever”

You say that life is a long road with unlimited intersections, and you are always making choices. Choose what department to read, what to do, whether to marry or not to marry, or whether to have children, different choices create a completely different life.

You also said that if it was how it was, it wouldn’t be very good now. Please stop talking about it. The choice of each intersection is not really good or bad, as long as people view life as their own unique creation, they will not frequently look back if they did different choices.

Work hard

As you stroll through the woods, you see a wisteria winding around a tree trunk and you are touched by this quiet beauty scene. You think I do not know what kind of storm will happen in the future?

Maybe the vine will be broken and the tree will fall. Maybe the day will be bleak and the land will be old. Well, please stop at the moment. The fixed frame is eternal. If there is this moment of beauty in eternity, all kinds of catastrophe that may be encountered in the future have been comforted and rewarded. Efforts, whether successful or not, were at least once beautiful.

Keep it simple

Because of too many thoughts, you often complicate your life. Obviously living in the present, you are always obsessed with the past, worrying about the future.

Simply live in the moment, and now it does not matter whether it is true or not. Simply implement your life as a dream and go ahead and do your dream.

Occasionally “cheesy”

Eat more healthy foods, and occasionally you also want to eat French fries, duck neck, and spiny crayfish. Occasionally, you don’t really want to make your life so meaningful all the time. Life really doesn’t need to bind yourself so tightly.

Return to calm

There was a time when you were in a low mood and you didn’t even bother to open the curtains and look out at the sunshine outside the window. Of course, you forgot to see the jasmine on the windowsill where you need to drink water every day.

I do not know how long, one day, you have restored a beautiful mood, but also remembered your jasmine, God, poor flowers, still alive?

You tremblingly opened the curtains, but you see her graceful and graceful, fragrance fragrant. It turned out that in the past few days, although you forgot to feed her and drink water, God never forgot to treat her with rain. Many things are quietly outside your line of sight and quietly arrange themselves.

In nature, everything is born and there is no need to worry about everything. All you have to do is do yourself a good job without leaving any regrets. Put down, calm, tolerance, gratitude, you are “cattle.”