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When it comes to holiday gifting, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way of treating someone than with the gift of sleep and relaxation. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best presents to bring better zzz’s to your friends and loved ones. Some of the items on our list are small but decadent; others are luxurious investments that have the power to overhaul someone’s sleep life for the better. And in case you need permission — treating yourself is also totally allowed. 

Here, 10 gifts guaranteed to promote peace, comfort, joy and rest. Happy holidays, and sweet dreams.

Luxury Pajamas

Image: Sleepy Jones

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a pair of these classic, cozy pajamas? One-hundred percent cotton, and 100% comfortable too, they come in a whimsical holiday deer design as well as in more traditional wintry patterns, for women and men. For an extra personal touch, Sleepy Jones offers custom hand embroidery starting at $5 a letter.

$198, sleepyjones.com 

Weighted Blanket

Image: Sleep Number

A lot of people swear by weighted blankets to promote relaxation and help them sleep better. This ultra-luxurious one from Sleep Number offers the relaxing effects of deep pressure stimulation for reduced stress and anxiety. It comes in a variety of weights — we are big fans of the super heavy one, which makes you feel cocooned, warm and secure all night long, and is perfect for chilly nights. Also a big plus: It has a removable cover you can throw in the washing machine so it won’t lose its velvety feel. And if you’re sharing the sofa with someone, the blanket is large enough for two people to cuddle. 

$199.99, sleepnumber.com

Soothing Essential Oils

Image: Young Living 

Essential oils, which are extracted from plants, have been used as natural sleep aids for centuries. The M.V.P. of relaxation? It’s lavender. We love this Sweet Aroma Diffuser and Lavender Essential Oil from Young Living, which will fill the bedroom with a soothing scent. And if you’re splurging on someone special, try a set, like this one, which includes super relaxing aromas such as lavender, frankincense, and melaleuca alternifolia.

Sweet Aroma Diffuser, $52.30, youngliving.com

Lavender Essential Oil, $31.91, youngliving.com

Everyday Oils Set, $182.57, youngliving.com

Blue Light-blocking Glasses 

Image: Sleep Number

The perfectly practical holiday present, these glasses are great for friends and relatives who insist on using their devices and watching TV close to bedtime. Blue light emitted from screens can prevent sleep, triggering the brain to stay awake and suppressing the production of melatonin (the hormone that helps us feel sleepy). These glasses help block the blue light so the body can properly prepare for sleep. $49.99, sleepnumber.com

Classic Slippers 

Image: UGG

Anyone would be delighted to sink their feet into a pair of iconic UGG Dakota slippers. Made from soft wool, they’re perfect for “wind-down time” spent lounging around the house before bedtime. We also love their indoor-outdoor flexibility: With durable rubber soles, they can take you right from bed, after a good night’s sleep, to a morning walk to your favorite coffee shop.

Dakota Slipper in Espresso, $100, ugg.com 

Bedtime Beauty

Image: Lush

A duo of treats from Lush is the perfect way to please and calm your senses, and can help set you up for a restful night of sleep. Both the shower gel and body lotion are made from soothing lavender, oat milk, sweet tonka, and ylang ylang. Translation: Zzz’s ahead.

$17.95, lush.com

Perfect Pillow

Image: Sleep Number

As soon as you rest your head on Sleep Number’s Ultimate pillow, you can feel the difference. Unlike any other we’ve tried, it boasts three removable inserts which allow you to individualize your support and pillow height according to your own preferences, and as your sleep needs change. This is also great in case you’re not sure what kind of sleeper you’re shopping for. Stomach sleepers can use the recommended one to two inserts, and back or side sleepers may want to use two or three inserts. Another bonus: A lot of foam pillows are too firm, but this one is made from a combination of memory foam and premium down alternative fibers, so it manages to be both supportive and soft. It’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it a very good choice for sensitive sleepers.

$129.99, sleepnumber.com

Calming Candles

Image: Jo Malone

Let’s face it — who doesn’t love a decadent candle (or five) for a cozy winter night at home? You’re sure to find your favorite scent in this collection of minis: Nectarine Blossom & Honey, Peony & Blush Suede, Frosted Cherry & Clove, Green Tomato Leaf, and Roasted Chestnut.

$100, jomalone.com

Luscious Lip Balm 

Image: Biologique Recherche

Dry, chapped lips definitely aren’t a welcome gift from the cold weather gods. But this lip balm, made from a blend of natural oils and walnut shell extract, certainly is — which is why it makes the perfect treat to keep on the nightstand. A big favorite of our Sleep Editor-at-Large, Shelly Ibach, it lives up to its promise of moisturizing and soothing sore lips, while providing a little plumping action, too.

$56, biologiquerechercheuk.co.uk 

The Ultimate Bed 

Image: Sleep Number

It’s interesting that research shows when people consider what they need to rest well, they think of everything… except what they sleep on. But a comfortable, supportive mattress plays a big role when it comes to quality sleep. With that in mind, here’s the ultimate holiday present: A Sleep Number 360® smart bed. Its Responsive Air® technology and adjustable comfort means you can choose your ideal firmness and support on each side. The 360 smart bed also senses movements, responding automatically to keep you (along with whoever might share the other side of your bed) asleep. What’s more, its SleepIQ® technology tracks how you’re sleeping. More than a gift, it’s an investment in your health and well-being that gives back every night.

Starting at $999, sleepnumber.com 

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